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January 08, 2010



Pretty! I love that red paisley fabric. You'll have to put up pictures of the whole thing when it's done! :)

Aunt Ruby

Yeah,Yeah! I got a new Mac for Christmas so hope I can comment now. Glad your tests were good.
Your fabric for the posies is so good and your work is perfect!

debi McIntosh

Hello, I'm from Australia and I bought that pattern in Vegas last year - I've been too scared to start it - I got the material for it at the same time - might have to start it now I've seen some in the flesh!!! Good work - I love paisley.

Pat T.

Hi Linda - thanks for visiting & leaving feedback about the bendable light - I will definitely be getting one! Your quilt blocks in the paisley are amazing and fascinating to see how everything is coming together. I also read the posting on your angiogram, etc. procedure. Wishing you all the very best as deal with all this. Take good care of yourself.


I love it!

Faye (aka) Mimi

I have made one of the 4-patch stacked posies and I have to tell you the fabric you used is absolutely perfect for this pattern and is turning out really beautiful.

Shelley C

Oh that is lovely fabric and it did a smash up job making posies!

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