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June 22, 2016



Thanks for the kind wishes. The biggest problem I have with using my camera is that I am driving the car by myself. Along a very country lane - two lanes (one each way) with no shoulder. The verges are very narrow and typically have a ditch for drainage that I do not want to drive my car into. :) I have been considering stopping to take photos when I don't see anyone coming behind me ... but it would be a bit perilous as I'd have to stop in the middle of the road. :)

Linda Schiffer
Columbia, MD

Sending all best wishes for your brother AND for you as you go back and forth to visit the hospital. Watching Guy is a wonderful bit of sculpture - glad you shared him. And, in addition to your sketch pad, I'd be tempted to use my camera to see if I could capture some of those color flashes you've described.

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