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I've been down with a nasty cold this past week (since a week ago last Saturday). Spent five days (in sections - go in to work, find out I'm _not_ well after all, go back home) away from my store. (sigh)

The weather keeps switching from cold, gray and rainy to sunny, cool and autumnal. Last week on Thursday evening when I came home, my driveway was 'paved with gold' Ash tree leaves - it was lovely, but they were never yellow on the tree. I am guessing that our fall color will be mostly on the ground this year. :P

One good thing is that, with all my 'down time' and taking double doses of anti-inflammatory drugs, my ankle is well (um, it doesn't hurt any more and I am not wearing that boot anymore).

Now, of course, my other ankle is sore to compensate - it is just going to have to make do with a bit of extra rest and drug treatment, though. No way am I going to wear that boot again! Besides, can't drive with my _right_ foot in a boot. :P

I just got word that yet another 'old time' quilting icon passed away recently. Pat Long Gardner's funeral is tomorrow, apparently. I have long been a fan of her handkerchief quilts:


This was the book cover I could find on Amazon - it must be a new editiion 'cause my copy of this book has a different photo on it. :) This book originally came out in the early 90's and has inspired me over the years. I love old linens and things and Pat was the person who first suggested to me that they would make great focus items for small quilts. I've done many of them over the years and still enjoy her ideas.

I know that many 'young' quilters might not know of Pat's work ... and they _should_. She was a consummate recycler of old textiles, right in the modern tradition!

:) Linda


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