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August 03, 2014


Ellen Robinson

Linda - yea that red Persian styled rug. :-) I showed the photo to DH and he immediately said "that's just like the one you made". I think we still have it (storage) - I'll have to dig it out or find a photo. We used to have it hanging on our livingroom wall. Brings back memories. !!


Do you mean the red rug, Ellen? That is, as I understand things, a rendition of a traditional pattern for Persian rugs - it's been a while since I studied Oriental design, but I _think_ it is supposed to represent Paradise somehow. :)


Ellen Robinson

The amazing thing is that the rug below the hexie rug is one that I latch-hooked many years ago. :-) I looked on the Ikea site - do they really have it? (lol - mine is rolled up in the laundry room)


LOL on the skinned knees. :) I don't mind mistakes when I'm sewing for myself - I'm more averse when I'm sewing for someone else. :)

Rebecca Ruch

Thanks for the shout-out! I must admit it was pure serendipity that we bumped into you. We didn't like the crowded dining room when we came in so we did our shopping before we went up to find lunch. I'm so glad to hear you're getting around! Don't worry, that garment sewing will be like riding a bike. Except without the potential for skinned knees.

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