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Jan's red

It's been a long hot week here in Maryland ... but very little sewing has been going on at my house. Sigh. I've been doing all kinds of errand running and doctor's appointments and such in preparation for my surgery this coming Tuesday. Going to get a right knee replacement (and hopefully put a stop to the awful pain I'm having in that leg!).

I've been through this process once before (last year, in late May) with my left knee. Funny how little of that I actually remember! I expect the vagueness about the hospital details is likely to be part of the after-effects of the anaesthesia I got (memory erasing chemicals lower the incidence of psychological trauma from the surgery, supposedly:). I do recall the physical therapy and healing process pretty well - but that was not a great burden from what I remember.

Running around in the heat of Maryland without air conditioning in my car _is_ traumatic. :P I'll be glad when we can afford a new one to replace my 185,000+ miles PT Cruiser. :) Not that I drive a great deal now - mostly around town. 

I did manage to do some sewing today. Jan W. is this month's Queen for the Scrappy Bee at the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. She requested two blocks of 'wonky' stars on 'low-volume' backgrounds. The photo above shows my red star and the one below its orange sister:

Jan's orange

I enjoyed making these blocks - I could get excited by doing a small quilt of these. :)

I also watched the newest Missouri Star video on You Tube while I was elevating my right leg this afternoon. They have a quick way to do Cathedral Window that looks like fun. Might have to try that, too. :)

Tomorrow is my Sew & Tell monthly meeting at my friend Genie's house. I get to drive for myself as Barbara (who usuall drives) is in Indiana at Mimi Dietrich's induction into the Quilters Hall of Fame. :)

Monday I am planning to pack up my sewing space (in the middle of the living room, right now:) so I can maneuver a walker around when I get home from the hospital. Probably rearrange the furniture a bit, too. Guess I have to pack a suitcase in addition.

Like preparing for a trip - too many details, too little time.


:) Linda



Thank you, Diane! :)

I am thinking I will be working on finishing up my 'Nature of Things' wool quilt while I have my leg propped up.

:) Linda


Linda, I hope all goes well with the surgery and you are back on your feet in no time. Hope you get a lot of quilting done during your recovery.

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