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December 02, 2016



Ellen, if you google 'bicornu' you will find dozens, maybe hundreds, of embroidery patterns for them - especially counted cross stitch. They make nice big, stable pinnies. Please share a photo if you do make one? :)

:) Linda

Ellen Robinson

I have to admit that I had to look up bicornu pincushions. I love pincushions and will definitely have to try this one!


Thanks, Ellen! I'm planning to finish my second weavie today and start sewing it up into a bicornu pincushion. Found some soft gray fabric for the backing when I was out larking this afternoon. :)

Well, Becca, why would you hand quilt when you machine quilt so beautifully? LOL! I only do it occasionally on very small things intended as gifts for people I love.

:) Linda

Ellen Robinson

I've been enjoying your posts this week! My guild had the Fries come out for a program about a year ago. The local quilting community will surely miss them.

Loving the pin weaving post as well. I'll be 'keeping an eye' out for your progress and future posts on that. It is something new to me.
Cheers, Ellen in Maryland (MoCo)

Rebecca Ruch

Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts. I admit I've only ever hand quilt one throw quilt and I will likely never repeat that performance. These are beautiful!

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