Gray and Wet
Cold and Quiet



Today was quite a bit busier than the last several days. I actually had to get up with my alarm at 9:30 a.m. (gasp!:) for a doctor's appointment. I saw Dr. Yoon, the non-surgical orthopedist who has been helping me with my neck issues. Over the past two months I have been doing the "silly exercises" (as he calls them:) to strengthen and limber my neck muscles ... and occasionally taking the muscle relaxants when I hurt too much to go to sleep. 

Dr. Yoon manipulated my neck muscles to test their strength and said they were very tight (almost in spasm) ... and that I should consider water aerobics for exercise and to loosen those muscles. Otherwise (and unless I have another flare up), just to keep doing what I am. I am concerned about the poor range of motion side-to-side in my neck as, combined with my dreadful peripheral vision, it makes me feel vulnerable when I have to cross intersections or make turns driving my car. Hard to see down the road far enough when the roads cross at more than a 90 degree turn or if there is short range of visibility. Just have to stay alert, for now. :P

I rushed out so quickly in the morning, I negelected to eat breakfast so ... after my appointment, I stopped at the deli in the same building and had a scrambled egg on English muffin and juice. I had to go to Walgreens after that to pick up my prescription refills so I got the last of my Little O photos printed out while I was there, too.

Had to wait around for about a half hour for their processor to print them out. I felt sad for the pharmacist - this is the time of year when new health insurance cards, account, numbers come into effect and things get really scrambled up ... one of my prescriptions had to be re-run because our insurance company did not have the correct policy number attached to my name. (Don't know why - haven't changed policies and I've been taking this particular med for years.) Guess it is analogous to what CPAs go through in April?

Once I had my photos, I decided to drive out to Sykesville to take back the album page protectors I bought last week (they didn't fit in my album) ... also was thinking I might buy a new album but nothing I saw in the shop suited me. I want something small and they mostly only carry 12"x12" albums. I like the shop in Sykesville and I'd like to patronize them over a big box store ... but the lady working there was very discouraging about my finding a small album. Shrug. Guess I'll check other sources. I did buy another bundle of 6" square papers and some small embellishments ... oh, and two more Uniball white gel pens. Best white pen I've found as it has opaque ink in it. :)

The weather was mild today (mid 50's) but rainy off and on, overcast when not actually dripping. Typical winter weather in Maryland at this time of year. My husband did tell me the forecast is calling for a temperature drop overnight and the possibility of snow by tomorrow evening. Certainly the air got colder all day long as I was moving around outside. :P

By the time I got home around 2 in the afternoon, I was tired so I sat for an hour or so and read my email and blogs. Then I went back to finish the remaining photo mounting and scrapping. I made seven more pages for Little O's album and I'm now officially finished with this one as it is stuffed full. :) I'm quite happy with the way it looks ... but I'll have to buy a new binder to go on with. Still have plenty of paper and pretty bits for decorations. :)

I'm finally finished knitting my newest shawl (Eagle Twist), still to be bound off. I am thinkiing of doing an I-cord bind off. The pattern calls for something else ... and it will require stiff blocking every time I wash the thing as the last bit toward the edge is stockinette which curls terribly. I'm not sure I have enough yarn left but I'm going to try the I-cord bindoff as I like the way it looks. :) Wish me luck.

I need to go get some blocking mats for finish off the last three shawls I've knit ... if I can remember it. :)

Tomorrow I have to clean off my desk top to find the various bills I need to pay ... write them out and package up some bundles, then go off to the post office. Assuming the roads are passable, I guess.


:) Linda


PS The crab logo at the top of this post (for my modern guild) is bugging me. I promised to create a paper pieced pattern for the beast and I really should get it done!


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