Cold and Quiet


Today has been cold and gray. So cold that I laid in bed for a while longer after I woke up, listening to my audiobook (Snuff by Terry Pratchett) and staying warm in my cozy bed. :) Eventually my cat made her wishes emphatically known so I got up to feed her and start my day. 

I did a bit of housework and then sat down to clean my desktop and find all my bills. I had forgotten that January is the month when our annual maintenance fee is due for the vacation condo my parents gave us ... what reminded me was an email from the resort management with an update on progress since the fires in Gatlinburg (TN). I had to call them to find out what the amount of this year's payment is and how the two buildings and the offices that burned are being repaired. The very nice lady from the management office told me the buildings had been completely demolished and the remaining two condo buildings standing are being thoroughly cleaned for smoke and water damage. She did say that most of the properties destroyed by the fires were hotel units of one kind or another, that the downtown business strip (bottom of the river valley, between two ridgelines) was mostly ok.

Later in the afternoon I went back to my knitting. Turns out that an I-cord binding is not too difficult to work (the 'I' does stand for 'Idiot':). I have finished about three-quarters of the edge right now; I'll probably complete the rest tonight. The photo above shows how the edging looks - I quite like the appearance and I think it will give a firm area to grasp the scarf around my neck. :)

I still have some more bundles to finish packing up but I'm taking a break from duty to go sew on my En Provence clue for a while. It is suspiciously quiet outside so I will check to see if the snow has started down, yet, too. One of the nicer things about a snowfall (imho:) is the quiet and peace it brings.

Tomorrow should be another quiet day although I do hope to get out to buy some blocking mats. I do want to finish cleaning off my desktop (I sit here to watch 'tv' and knit) which includes blocking the last three knitted garments I've completed which are still lying beside my keyboard.

:) Linda



And you totally forgot it was guild day.

Barbara Bennett (I don't know why it says I'm logged in as D.)

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