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Please pardon the slightly out-of-focus image above - hand shake makes it hard to see slight imperfections. Sigh. This is a close-up of the sashiko octopus I embroidered earlier this fall. This is intended to become the front of a book holding pillow which will be a gift for my daughter. (Luckily she does not read this blog:) I took it out today and pressed the wrinkles out before spray basting it to a piece of Warm & Natural cotton batting, perparatory to quilting it. 

There is a challenge over at Persimmon Dreams as part of Project Quilting. This week's topic is 'Eight is Great' which I thought an octopus surely would satisfy. :) I kinda think my sashiko block is a bit of a cheat since it was created before the topic was announced. However, in my humble, whatever it takes to get a project finished is fine. Big Grin. 

After I basted the piece up, I set it aside so I can free motion quilt it tomorrow during the daylight. Need to be able to see well to do it justice you know. :)

I went back to working on my En Provence mystery bits this afternoon. I finished getting the first side of all my purple-with-background bits sewn:

Clue 4 half2

This is one of the 86 pieces I sewed today. Unfortunately, as I was ironing them all, I discovered a few ... um ... substandard parts:

Clue 4 half

As you can see, the lower unit is NOT correct (I've shown the upper, correct, orientation for comparison:). I counted five of these out of the 86 I sewed. Hmmm, that's an error rate of 5.8%. Kinda high for piece work, I think. LOL! I'll have to rip out these seams and re-sew them when I get back to my machine tomorrow or maybe Monday.

This month's color for the So Scrappy qal is purple - I think I will be able to muster quite a few pieces of fabric from my extras bin for this challenge. :) I'm thinking about what to make with my purple bits - maybe piggies like The Object of Design blog tutorial, maybe cows like Leanna, or maybe chickens like the ones my friend Barbara shared with me recently?

I tried to make something with my oops block units just for fun:

Oops 2

This looks nice but I'm pretty sure it won't sew up flat. Maybe those of you who sew odd shapes can tell just by looking? :)

Anyway, I am now halfway done with Clue #4 (out of 7) and have retired to my computer desk to post here. When I finish, I'm going to go watch some more episodes of Murdoch Mysteries and glue some bits into my ephemeral journal. :)


PS Oh, gosh, I almost forgot! We did finally get that snow the forecasters predicted - so far about an inch, but very pretty. :) Supposed to get more tonight and it is cold outside, especially for Maryland, at around 10 degrees F.




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