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This is still my daily mode. At least I have ideas now, unlike the past five weeks. Baby Steps. :)

Monday I had a delightful outing with  my friends Barbara and Patty. Barbara drove us down to Purcellville, VA to visit Webfabrics. I have to tell you that this shop is a DESTINATION for quilt lovers. It isn't huge but it has a fabric selection to compete with any shop! I actually went with a mental shopping list - I needed some Allison Glass brights for making my NYBeauty mini swap quilt and I was in search of Moda's Boro fabric collection.

My give-to partner in the NYB swap likes brights and specifically mentioned AG prints. I don't keep my fabrics by designer - I buy according to what strikes me visually (or what I need for a particular project) and I'm indifferent to designer (for the most part - I do follow the Kaffe Collective, Cori Dantini, Jason Yenter and a few others:). So, I needed a few reliable AG prints to set the tone for myself (have already delved into patterns and design ideas for my mini:).

The boro prints are purely self-indulgent. I have an abiding passion for Japanese indigos (actually, indigo of any kind lights my fires - I have several African ones, too), especially ikat and shibori prints. Happy sighs.

Here's what I found to buy (I _did_ restrain myself:):


They had a whole collection of the boro line ... but I decided to cherry pick a few that especially called to me (almost bought the fat quarter collection but 35 of them was a bit pricey since I don't have a definite project in mind and I do ... cough, cough ... own just a few indigo prints already. :) Right now I am thinking these might become tops to wear instead of quilts - the hand is very linen-like.


I did buy some Allison Glass fat quarters, along with a few others that appealed to me. I am looking forward (about time!) to sewing with these. :)

Monday night I went out to Faithful Circle's meeting (hadn't been in three weeks, what with coughing up my lungs and the weather) ... was so good to see my friendly neighborhood quilters. :) Show and tell was nice, too.

Even with pretty fabrics sitting on my sewing table in plain sight, I spent most of today reading or sleeping. Sigh. Gotta get out of this slump and reignite my sewjo! I have an appointment to help my last private student tomorrow - she's making an African-themed quilt for a new great-grandchild. Hopefully that will help me focus and go back to sewing.

:) Linda

PS My daughter called me this evening - was good to see her (FaceTime). She and my SIL have been in Rhode Island at the Intercon larp-ing* convention. They go almost every year (missed last year because she was too close to term with my second grandson). She told me that she ran three events this year and played in one. They always leave the (now two) boys with Alan's parents so it is a week of just the two of them (bonus!:).   * Live Action Role Playing



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