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Quilty Weekend


One or occasionally two weekends each month I end up with something quilt-y to do both days. Despite that I am 'retired,' most of my quilt making compatriots are not. :) This means that many meetings are on weekends, naturally. This particular weekend included Jinny Beyer Club on Saturday and Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild on Sunday afternoon.

Jinny Beyer Club is always fun - my friend Barbara drives us down to Falls Church in northern VA where Jinny's shop is located. As is usual for us, we ate lunch (club doesn't start until 2 p.m.) ... this month we had Mexican at El Tio's Grill. I like Tex/Mex food (I'm pretty fond of just about any kind of 'peasant' food:) so I enjoyed my roast pork burritos. :)

Club was fun, as always, and I took photos of two quilts (among many) from show and tell to remember here:


This lady had used Kaffe Fasset fabrics to make a dog quilt for her daughter and son-in-law. I like the idea of pieced prints to create the appliques. :) She did not use a pattern - she just traced off silhouettes from their dog photos and blew them up.


Margo bought this small flag quilt from the Quilter's Boutique at the recent Quilter's Unlimited show. I particularly like the use of doilies to emphasize the waving motion. :)

Today was the June meeting of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. We met at Arbutus Public Library and were blessed with a lecture/trunk show by Chawne Kimber who also taught a class (yesterday) on small piecing. Chawne is a political quilt maker - that is, many of her quilts are political statements (questions:) which include text. I quite enjoyed her talk. By profession she is a professor of mathematics which I, personally, find somewhat intimidating. 

Mathematicians brains work differently in my humble observation - and I am always in awe of them. Since my university training was in the sciences, I came in contact with any number of mathy folk over the years (seven) I was in higher education. It was delightful to get a chance to hear a real mathematician talk about something I can relate to directly (quilting:)!

If you are interested in political quilts, in text-using quilts, or in the opinions of a black, female, southern-originating woman do go and click through to her blog. Look at her quilts. I find them inspiring!

I also picked up some nice goodies at the meeting. My new name tag - made by Amy Verne - came to me today. I think it is OUTSTANDING. Amy really put a face on my label - I think it is a great statement of who I am and I love it! :)


I got three bee blocks back (I am the May Queen for the 'anything goes' bee) - but I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know who gave them to me at this moment. I am way too distracted at meetings and I don't remember whose faces to attach to these. Sigh.




I had asked for Scrappy Mountain Majesty blocks that I intend to use to make an Elizabeth Hartman-style 'thistle' quilt. :) Note to myself: I need to hunt the other blocks I have (from a past bee) and put them all together so I have some hope of finding them when I am ready to make the quilt. :)

I have been sewing on scraps, still, over this past week. Today I cut into lengths the 'twosies' I constructed earlier in the week. Now I have to decide whether to cross-cut them now or to make 'foursies' first. I have found that I cannot sew leaders and enders a la Bonnie Hunter - I'm just too focused or maybe distractible to manage those while simultaneously constructing something else. So, every few months I spend some time making scrap projects like the current ones. ;)


This might not look like much but it is a considerable pile of strips sewn together. I am thinking to cut them into 1.5" or 2" wide pairs and then sew the pairs together. Eventually I should get some kind of 'checker board' group of blocks.

I sewed together 16 of the log cabin-esque scrap blocks I had created this afternoon after I piled these scraps up to photo. That made a top about 30" square - baby quilt sized. I still have eight scrappy log cabin blocks left, so I will likely piece a few more before I assemble a top with those.

:) Linda


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