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Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! It is REAL summer weather here in Columbia and I thought I'd share a little embroidery design for the holiday. If you click on the photo, you can go check out a great archive of simple, free designs (warning, the site is maintained by a Portuguese lady so you might need to translate).

I love fireworks and family get togethers but we will be spending a very quiet Fourth - our family is far away this year and I don't have the energy to dispute with the crowds for the aerials. Sigh.

I will be doing some sewing though - my friend  Barbara and I used to sew all day when my shop was closed for holidays and such (our classrooms made great sewing spaces:), and I've tried to maintain that tradition ever since, whenever I can. :)


This is a free printable you can download to decorate with (click the photo). This little design pretty much sums up my attitude about our country - I am a believer, down to the bone, in the ideals of American democracy (which is likely why I avoid the news whenever possible these days).

I have found two new shows to watch this week which is giving me some pleasure. One is a BBC documentary about the origins of Britain in prehistory which I found out about from my friend LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color.


The episode I watched tonight was about the Neolithic Revolution (when farming came along) and the growth of monumental architecture. Fascinating.

The other show is a spin-off from Miss Fisher's Mysteries (which I loved) - Miss Fishers Modern Murder Mysteries, set in 1960's England. I've only watched the first episode but I found it charming.



I hope you have a wonderful Fourth, whatever you are doing to celebrate!

:) Linda



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