Happy Fourth!
Rain and Heat

Lazy Summer Days


This picture really sums up lazy summer days in the country for me. :) If you click on the photo, you can go read the accompanying article with ideas for what to do on your lazy days. :) I, personally, rarely have trouble finding something to do - not always something productive, but time wasting is easy for me! :)

Skip had to work on the 5th (last Friday) so I spent the day quietly, reading and sewing. I assembled my small tool set of hand sewing items - using a clear vinyl Bernina zip pouch from the freebie table at guild to hold it all. I am such a visual person, I really need to be able to see into storage containers - labels don't do it for me at all. :)

I put my favorite hand piecing needles (Clover black betweens size 10), a pair of small scissors, a big spool of medium gray 50 weight piecing thread (happened to have a spool of Metler; when that is used up, I'll get an Aurifil spool), a Clover desk needle threader (best tool since the rotary cutter in my honest opinion:), a few flower-head straight pins and a ceramic (pink) marking pencil (mechanical) with extra leads. 

That way I have a tool set always at hand for sewing things. Oh, I also made myself another pop-up thread catcher:


I used a quilting-weight cotton for this one. Somehow it doesn't fold down quite as well as the last one I made ... but for now it works fine. Takes up half of my tool pouch (when coiled). I'm happy to finally have gotten myself organized in this tiny way!

Saturday and Sunday were quiet with quite a  bit of rain, off and on. Mostly I read and watched my sweetheart play video games. We got an invitation to an acquaintance's birthday party in mid-August ... and I decided to make a small quilted gift for her. I think she and her husband would like to be better friends with us so I'll stick my neck out and go along (my sweetheart is resistant to most social overtures being an extreme introvert). Anyway, in my pile of goodies I found a small top I had pieced a couple months ago that shouted 'summer' to me .... today I quilted it.


I am very content with the way this looks. Now to bind it later this week or early next week (and put a hanging sleeve and label on it:) ... then wash it. Happy, happy!

I busied myself with making a block for a guild obligation ... and finished sewing my Sisterhood Swap square (no photo, yet). Nothing momentous but all satisfying to finish. :)

I even managed to go to my Monday evening guild meeting yesterday, giving my friend Patty a ride in the bargain. I have to be firm with myself to get out of the house to socialize as much as possible.

:) Linda



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