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Floral bug

Yesterday I found a set of truly awesome (imho) artworks online, following a link from the National Geographic newsletter. If you click on the photo above, you, too, can go admire the floral collage work on this artist who composes butterflies, beetles and other insects! Worth a visit. :)

Yesterday I packed up my sewing machine (Blue, my Featherweight) and the projects I want to take along on vacation when we go. I chose only three things - the 'fractured' Dresden plate design I was piecing for on Friday, a checkered Dresden plate design from Missouri Star featuring bright florals mixed with 'low volume' prints, and a pretty orange beaded scarf kit I bought last time I visited Jinny Beyer Studio. That ought to keep me busy for five days, eh? :)

My friend Patty came down to visit in the early afternoon. She shared the goodies purchased on their jaunt to Quilt Odyssey on Friday ... and brought me the two items I had requested from Missouri Star - the 10" Half Hex and the 10" Dresden Plate templates. Sounded to me like the women who went along had a great time at the show! :)

I was _supposed_ to be packing clothing and such today ... but, typically, I got sidetracked by yet another Squirrel So Shiny. :) I bought a Layer Cake (set of 10" squares) of the Moda collection Susanna's Scrap Bag a few months ago - I do, occasionally, dabble in reproduction prints. :) I peeled out the new Half Hex 10" template Patty brought me and cut up the entire set of squares. I decided (on a suggestion from my friend Barbara) to make a Pioneer Braid strippie quilt with this set of fabrics. 

I had fun figuring out how many half hex pieces to make in each column (21) and sewing the first one together:


See that yellow print? That is my favorite fabric so far in this collection -

love the print pattern and that buttermilk yellow is lovely!


This is my first strip of braided half hex pieces.

I will be searching for sashing, beginning/ending pieces and a border as I go Row By Row adventuring with my friend Barbara tomorrow. (Nothing like cramming a lot of living into a little bit of time, eh?:) I am thinking maybe of some dusty eggplant/mauve purple fabric for this purpose. :)

Wish me luck!

:) Linda


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