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According to the visual search at, this image was first seen as part of the #BeGood hashtag on Instagram in January 2018. I did not search any farther back - you can find lots of other 'be good' images if you click on the photo. I like the idea of purposefully being kind to others ... and, judging by the behavior of other folks I meet in the street, so do other people. :)

Kindness can be as simple as holding a door open for someone, sharing an umbrella on a rainy day or carrying someone's groceries to their car in the rain (I've had strangers do all of these for me). Kindness, like politeness, lubricates social interactions (even the ephemeral ones like strangers passing in public places) and makes life more pleasant. :)

I've had ample opportunity to practice kindness - at least the sort that is caused by keeping one's temper under stress - over the past two days. Sigh. I _think_ I managed to do well. Tuesday (yesterday) I had an appointment in the morning for a one-on-one counseling session with a nutritionist, as part of my preparation for bariatric surgery. All the classes I go to for that purpose (a series of eight or nine) are held at MedStar Health Center (a huge hospital complex) on Franklin Square on the northeast side of Baltimore (Rosedale?).

That's because the surgeon I have selected, Christopher You, is affiliated with that hospital/institution. It takes me about an hour, depending on traffic, to get there. So, any day when I have an appointment, I spend at least two hours and sometimes more just driving. I find that somewhat trying, especially when I have to do it during 'rush hour.' Yesterday my appointment was at 11:30 in the morning ... and so _should_ have been non-traffic-clogged. :P I left my house at 10:15 a.m. and go to the nutritionist's office at 11:50! Such is the risk of driving around Baltimore - or Washington, DC, for that matter - traffic is NOT predictable. You never know when you will encounter an accident or road work or other impediments that slow travel. Sigh.

Anyway, I got to the office twenty minutes too late yesterday ... partly because the letter they had supposedly sent me with detailed directions never arrived in my mailbox (mail delivery has it's vagaries, too, in this region). I made an appointment to come back today (Thursday) because the appointment is for one hour and another patient had already been taken. More sighs.

Sooooo, this morning I was back on the road to drive again. THIS time it only took  from 11:20 until 12:15 to drive the distance (my appointment was at 1 p.m.), so I got there on time. Whew!   I'm sorry, this story probably seems dull (if you are still reading:), but it serves to explain what this region of the country is like to travel in, if you don't already know.

Part of the purpose of having surgery is to lose weight and to, therefor, improve my health. Luckily, I am pretty knowledgable about the process of 'dieting' and so the nutritionist and I could discuss goals and process rather than having to focus on simple 'what is a calorie' kind of issues. She suggested that I try hard to expand my meal routines to include breakfast daily (I generally skip it) ... to stick to drink water/seltzer/non-carbohydrate-containing beverages ... and to spread out my calorie intake a little more during my day (right now I eat two meals and maybe a snack each day). Useful goals which I am sharing here to reinforce my own intention to achieve them. :)

Other than driving for more than four hours during the past 48, I have done little else ... other than my usual reading and tiny bit of sewing on scraps. I need to sandwich my Japanese taupe wall hanging so I can carry it around to hand quilt, but that won't get done this weekend.

Tomorrow I am going to Pennsylvania with three friends to attend a lecture by Jenny Doan, owner of Missouri Star quilting. I'm looking forward to it - except for the part where I have to be picked up at 7 a.m. LOL! Zombie Linda will be the likely morning passenger.

Saturday is the monthly meeting of Jinny Beyer Club ... Sunday afternoon is the monthly meeting of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild (I always look forward to that) ... and I  have to go the sleep lab on Sunday night for another assessment of my sleep apnea (and potential new machinery). Busy, busy!

Gotta go to bed now - 6 a.m. comes early, early!

:) Linda


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