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I recently starting reading this blog ... written by Jodi from New South Wales, Australia, whose posts I really enjoy! In a recent issue, she discusses her best tips for sustaining a long-term hand working project. I think her ideas have application to any prolonged endeavor - go read them. :)

While  you are in comfy reading territory, go look at this video about lawns in America and the history of keeping them. This is one of my personal pet peeves (but I live in a community - Columbia - with covenants that prohibit growing wildflowers instead:). We all make compromises in life, eh?

I was not sure what I'd be doing today, Friday, until late yesterday evening. My friend Barbara (with whom I usually sew on Fridays) has been away helping her Mother move apartments. I knew she was coming back yesterday but I did not think she'd want to sew today. Surprise!

We met at Nalley Fresh for lunch - ugh, I crossed a pet-peeve of hers and was late, late. Sigh. I overslept and my iPhone (that I use for my wake-up alarm) was out of charge - so my alarm did not go off, anyway. More sighs! I was a half hour late to meet Barbara and she was justifiably ticked with me. 

Luckily lunch was tasty (I had a sweet potato bowl) ... and we met our friend Patty at Barbara's house afterwards to sew. Since I flew out of the house (being late), I just grabbed up my bag of Row by Row kits and my knitting to take. Out of the three RbR kits, only one had fusible applied to the fabrics already ... so I managed to iron that one into place and then knitted the rest of the time (on my Sleeping with Zucchini scarf).

It is so good to have sewing buddies! I enjoy my time spent with them quite a lot. Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of the Columbia Bee from the modern guild (at Springwater Designs) and Sunday afternoon is the monthly Sew & Tell meeting. Lots of time-with-friends this weekend!

:) Linda



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