Monday, Monday

Another Gap


Yesterday I took my prairie braid quilt top (and a backing:) to be quilted by my friend, former employee and professional long-arm quilter, Daria Phair. My friend Barbara came along with me - she gave Daria SEVEN small quilts to be finished. Whew! She has been a busy maker, fer shure. :) My quilt is destined to be donated to Village Quilters guild to use as a prize in their next quilt bingo this October. I think all of the quilts Barbara took are intended for charity, too.

While I've been working on the braid quilt, I have kept everything else on the back burner (so to speak:). Now I need to catch up. The block you see in the picture above is for donation to the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. The guild will be holding their own quilt bingo in October of next year (2020 - already!). Daniela (the guild's VP) is making a Wonky Houses prize quilt which, hopefully, will include this block. I got the pattern for what I am calling my Baltimore Row Houses here. This is clearly a block of homes in the Little Bohemia section of the city. LOL!

I also need to work on blocks for my own Book quilt for the modern bingo ... and some bee blocks ... and likely a dozen other things I'm forgetting at the moment. Sad smile.

I've done any number of things over the past week ... and eaten lunch with friends several times ... and read bunches of books (I'm a very fast reader - I can finish the average paperback in an afternoon). Time rushes past me like a river (just like the proverb) and I bob along the current. 

Today I woke up with a violent headache (allergies?) and had to cancel my planned lunch get together with Sylvia (a private student).  Sigh. By afternoon the pain was gone but I was pretty lethargic for the rest of the day. I hope I have more 'go' tomorrow - Faithful Circle is meeting in the morning and I have an appointment with the allergist in the afternoon.

:) Linda


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