Equinox and Beyond



This is not my evening for posting - that huge grinding sound you just heard was my teeth gnashing as I lost my finished-but-not-yet-saved post. Grr! Ahem ... starting over ...

This has been a quiet weekend for me with some pleasant highlights. Saturday from 11 until about 4 p.m. I visited with my modern quilt making buddies in the Columbia Bee of the Baltimore guild. We  met at Janet's house (we usually meet in a public venue - JoAnn's ETC, Springwater Designs, etc.) - so this was new. Janet was a great hostess and I enjoyed myself. Besides Janet and me, Pat, Rose and Phyllis came to work on current projects. I took my 'modern crazy quilt' embroidery along as I am not doing much by machine at the moment - my 'sewjo' is on temporary vacation (this happens from time to time; I have learned to be patient with the process).

Janet was working to piece a charity baby quilt, Rose was quilting a charity quilt top for a teen she had rescued from donations to the guild, Pat forgot some of her project at home but did some cutting and visiting. Phyllis came just as I was leaving so I just got to say hello and wave. :) I really enjoy seeing what everyone else is working on ... at least as much as I enjoy my own project. :) My embroidery is down to the last five or six blocks needing to be finished so I am beginning to think about how I will finish it ... border or not? if bordered, pieced or not? hand or machine quilting? etc. :)

At one point, after she finished piecing the baby quilt top, Janet brought out a length of blue linen she wants to use as her background for a new project ... and set to ironing it. Did you know kitchen counters are exactly the right height for cutting and ironing fabric? :) Anyway, we started talking about how flax is grown, harvested, processed and woven to make linen fabric. I found a YouTube video to show all the steps - pay attention to how many people are involved - there's a reason linen fabric costs so much. :)


As I was browsing through the videos, I found one that refers to a textile tradition I know nothing about - rust painting and block printing on hemp, done traditionally in a small area of Italy. Fascinating!


I tend to do research in true Brownian motion pathways ... never know what I will find. :)

I also found a useful article while blog reading earlier this week. Here is a useful tutorial about how to commit triage on your accumulated UFOs. :) After 40+ years of quilt making, my usual method is to forget I ever started them. It makes deep cleaning my quilting stuff a _real_ adventure and treasure hunt. :)

Tomorrow is my beloved's 73rd birthday ... and the day after is my son's 35th. My 'baby!' Sigh. There will be quiet dinners out for family  - we are a low key bunch hereabouts. :)




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