Some Old Time Magic

Equinox and Beyond


What is an equinox? What does the Autumnal Equinox really mean? If you click on the photo above, you can go read about the matter. :)

It does not look like that nice picture above here in my neighborhood, yet. We are in the stage of late summer - and likely will be for at least another month. Maryland is a sub-tropical region, remember? :) I, personally, LOVE fall - not the least because that's when my birthday is, too.

My husband turned 73 this past Monday ... and my son became a 35 year old on Tuesday. September is a big birthday month here. My father's birthday was September 16th (my great-nephew, Hunter, has that date now:) ... and my deceased brother, Alan's, birthday was September 28th. Probably others I'm not thinking about ... oh, yes, my great-nephew Isaiah and my great-niece Aria have September birthdays, too. Happy month! :)

September is the month of going-back-to-school for kids (my kids and I always looked forward to summer vacation and doing lots of fun things ... AND to school starting again with more regular schedules:). My grandchildren are too young for that outlook still (at 4 1/2 and 1 1/2 years of age:).

Monday I spent some time in Catonsville at the office of America's Health Care at Home, getting a new breathing machine for my sleep apnea. I have been on an auto-CPAP for several years. When I started to have my issues with shortness of breath last winter/spring, my pulmonologist decided that I needed a new type of machine. He ordered a new sleep study and a BiPAP - it has fixed settings for air pressure. One for inhale and a lower one for exhale (so my lungs don't have to work quite so hard). I am still adjusting to the change this week ... I _think_ I am getting better rest already, though, based on my sleep study.

I have moaned here before about how much I seen to sleep (sigh). Well, no wonder! According to my sleep test, I get ZERO REM sleep - that means I do not have the dreaming, deep sleep state that you need for real refreshment. That has changed already - I woke up this morning in the middle of a real dream. Huh. I just thought I was not remembering my dreams - apparently I haven't been having them at all. :P With luck and some practice on my part with waking up discipline, the new machine will fix that! 

We had quiet birthday days here, too. We all passed around some kind of low-level stomach bug early this week. :P All better now but it was relatively unpleasant while it lasted.

I did manage to design the next block for my Faithful Circle monthly block drawing. I thought about doing fall leaves (there are oodles of good leaf patchwork designs) ... or pumpkins ... but settled on doing an Indian Corn pattern. Here is my test block:


This is a 6" x 12" (finished) pattern. I"m happy with the way it came out ... I hope it isn't too difficult for our members. I think it will make a cool quilt. :)

Other than that, I have been going to doctor's appointments (mostly routine) and reading this week. My Bernina is still at the spa ... so I set up my Featherweight to sew the block above. :) I had to make a nice stack of books in the table insert space to get my FW to sew correctly. No surprise there, eh?

Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with my friend Barbara and I need to choose a hand work project for working on while we sew together in the afternoon.

:) Linda





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