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Hello October!

Quiet Life


I saw this on a blog today and burst right out laughing. :) Oh, yes, I do have that much patience. I never thought of it as a combat asset. LOL! If you click on the picture, you can go look at all the funnies at the Subversive Cross Stitch site (warning: language may offend:).

This weekend was fairly quiet here Chez Schiffer. I went out once - yesterday - to get my prescriptions from Walgreens. Told you it was quiet. :) I did some housework, some reading (I've read three books this weekend), and some sewing. OH, and some pattern drafting on the computer.

I have been a Mac user since sometime in the summer of 1984 or '85, I think (memory fades). My husband took me to a work colleague's house to try out his new Apple computer (a very early Macintosh). I was hooked as soon as I played with MacDraw and could draft quilt blocks in less than twenty minutes of play. Have never looked back. :)

I've used a lot of software over the years ... when I was writing my books, the program I used let me draft in an object-oriented, vector style environment like I was accustomed to using ... and still could translate the files into whatever format the publisher needed. Now I'm using something called EasyDraw that is way, way more powerful than I need ... but works fine and could translate all the files I had from my book writing days. 

Anyway, I drafted  up the templates for the pattern I'll be teaching in my hand piecing class. I think I am going to make my block smaller ... but my students can choose whether they want 6" or 12" blocks. Something so _cute_ about small patchwork bits, eh? :)

I _thought_ I would start piecing that block once I had done the drafting ... but I got sidetracked with making another book block. I own this pattern and have actually thought about making an entire quilt of books:


The text fabric says things like 'the adventure begins' and 'don't fear change' ... seemed like a good combination with thoughts on travel. :) By the time I finished piecing that, I was done sewing for the evening.

One fun thing did happen as I sewed - I got to wind a new bobbin. Hardly seems reasonable to think of that chore as FUN but it is when I'm using Blue, my Featherweight. :) The bobbin winder is very old fashioned (well, heck, she was made in 1947 - she's older than me!) ... and it reminds me of the sewing I did in childhood on my Mom's elderly Singer. Here's the hand-held, finger-guided bobbin winder array:


The small wheel is on a hinge that lets it move out of the way of the flywheel when you are sewing ... and then swing the assembly down to touch the flywheel to turn the winder, holding it in place with finger pressure, to wind the bobbins. That screw-adjusting vertical meter you see is the stitch length regulator. :) A fun machine to use!

Tomorrow I have some errands to run ... and Wool Club at Springwater Designs ... and the evening meeting of Faithful Circle. Somewhere in there I have to choose my fabrics for the hand piecing and get started. Busy, busy!

:) Linda



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