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I think this hits the nail right on the head! :) I spent some time this afternoon looking at two really old quilt tops ... and thinking about how much I'd like to meet the maker(s). :)

Today was a lovely day, weather-wise - mid to high 70s in temperature, nice breeze, fairly low humidity. It is beginning to feel like fall is coming - there are a few colored leaves falling and it's nippy at night and in the early morning (according to my sweetheart who leaves for work around 5 a.m.; no way am I awake to sample the air at that time of day!:).

Fridays are my Sewing Together time with my friend Barbara (and Patty, too, today). We had lunch at the Asean Bistro today again - I enjoyed their XO Scallops (yummy, with broccoli and XO sauce) and had some batter fried eggplant that was actually pretty good (I am not much of an eggplant fan, culinary-wise; I love the _color_ aubergine:). 

The driveways are getting resurfaced/finished in Barbara's neighborhood so she picked me up today and drove us around (no place for me to park easily at her house). On our way to her house after lunch, we took a detour to visit the JoAnn's ETC in Columbia Crossing shopping center. They recently revamped the entire store, rearranged the floor plan and restocked the shelves. It was pretty nice - very clean and bright with dedicated centers for garment/quilt fabrics, seasonal decorating, cooking/baking, scrapbooking, jewelry making, yarn, etc. I will be curious to see how they use the 'studio' space which looks like a good place to make stuff ... and the cutting area is much improved, too. 

I'm not a huge fan of what an old neighbor of mine used to call 'Brand X Fabric Stores.' Still, for many folks - and for garment makers - JoAnn's is almost the only game in town now. Sigh.

Once we got to Barbara's house, I had a chance to look really up close and personal at two beautiful quilt tops B had borrowed from our friend (and quilt collector) Polly Mello. I quite liked both of them - Barbara was working on drafting off the patterns as she wants to do her own version of the Pinwheel one, especially. I am wary of pinwheel quilts - I usually find them fairly boring - but this one had real character! :)

Here are some photos (some from Barbara, some from me):

Quilt medallion

Quilt medallion whole

An up close and a whole cloth photo of the medallion quilt. I am very fond of the medallion format for quilts - the fabrics in this one looked to be from maybe 1830s to 1870 ... I'm not an expert or an appraiser, so that's just a guess. The prints in this were lovely. You can click on any picture to embiggen it and look at the cloth. :)



Quilt pinwheel

This pinwheel quilt looked to me like someone had been making half square triangles over the course of years - likely a young girl turned young woman? She decided to put them all together into one pinwheel quilt. If you look carefully, you can see she did not hesitate to cut off points, squish in blocks, and disrupt any orderly pattern. The top lays flat and even (surprise!) anyway. :) Again the fabrics are lovely.

Q pinwheel b

Maybe my glasses can give you a sense of scale with these blocks - some of those HSTs are pretty little. :) Can you see the brown-y print with roses on it near the lower hinge of my glasses? I'd like to have some of that print for my own stash. :)

Q pinwheel b
Q pinwheel b
Q pinwheel b

I could not help but wonder what the person (most likely a woman) who made these two tops (well, they _look_ like the same person made them; have no idea whether that is true:) was like ... I love her free-spirited make-it-work approach. :)

I took my modern embroidery piece to work on again. I am beginning to be eager to finish this piece of hand work. I am actually thinking I'd like to make a tiled scrap quilt - maybe with 'grout' between each shape? 

Fun day! Skip and I went out to dinner tonight together ... I so enjoy spending time with him and we do so little of it. Distinct pleasure. 

:) Linda


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