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Weekend Recovery

Glorious Sunshine


Yesterday the mountains here were showing their “Smokey” nature most of the day. If you look carefully, you can see the cloud/fog gathered below the mountain (just beyond the trees in the middle). Along with the cloud cover, it made for a gray day. Today the sun came out and the skies were bright blue. My favorite color of all! 😊

Here are a couple of leaves I’ve made (I am up to 8/15):


I decided to go out for a while to enjoy the sunshine today. My first thought was to visit Arrowmont and see the art in their galleries but that ambition was thwarted. Sigh. The school must still be in session this week as there were NO parking spaces close by - only ones about a quarter mile straight uphill from the main building. There were four spaces by the front door but none of them were labeled ‘handicap’ parking and all were full anyway.

Sooo, I went to my next favored destination, The Pattern Hutch in Pigeon Forge. I have written about them before. They have an Etsy shop with lots of goodies. 😊 I was a little extravagant with my purchases: 


This white fabric is weaver’s cloth which makes an excellent ground foundation cloth for punch needle embroidery and is a bit hard to find. The thread is a Valdani perle cotton assortment of colors I like (and hope I don’t already have:). 


I liked this pattern a lot. I am thinking it might be pretty on our coffee table at home. 


I bought this kit and the one for stockings below to make as gifts. 


I really liked the sample for this kit. I am thinking to make the ‘peace’ version. 


By the time I got back to our condo - after a highly entertaining drive along twisty mountain roads - my stomach insisted on having lunch. I ate sitting in the sunshine on our balcony, admiring the mountains and woods opposite (see the photo at top). 

I have been alternately sewing leaves and reading all afternoon with fresh (though a bit chilly) air flowing in through the open balcony door. No telling what tomorrow will bring. 

😊 Linda


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