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Monday I had my every-two-years eye exam, preparatory to getting new glasses. I've been wearing eyeglasses for nearsightedness since I was in fourth grade (maybe 8 or 9 years old?). I wore bifocals for years as a child ... then my eyes got 'better' from my twenties until late thirties, then back to bifocals ... then on to variable focus lenses. Technology moves forward, eh? :) Now, as I've aged, my eyesight is still close focused but is much stronger than when I was young - people with nearsighted eyes like mine have an eyeball that is too long (so the image focus, without corrective lenses, falls inside the eyeball and not on the retina in back). As we age, we get more farsighted (hence the need in most normally-sighted adults for reading glasses:). For me, this means my prescription is getting 'weaker' rather than stronger. :)

I told my optometrist that I was thinking to get a pair of driving glasses and a separate pair of computer/reading/handwork glasses as my eyes are so different (and I'm so tired of trying to see through a very small 'window' on the variable focus lenses). He convinced me to get driving glasses (with a focus between the car's dashboard and the far distance) and do without glasses for near work. As he showed me with the test lenses, my eyesight is exactly the same with and without possible correction at the distance I use for handwork and reading. I can read 4 point type at 8" which is about as good as it gets. :)

I surprised myself when choosing new frames. Usually I choose warm colors - golds - for metal frames. For whatever reason (probably the proliferation of my gray hair), the white gold frames looked best to me this time. :) It will definitely be a change in 'looks' - hope I like it as much in six months. :) I can only afford to buy new glasses about every two years (at $300, they are pricey) so they have to make me happy for a while.

I got to my appointment way ahead of time (according to the secretary - I thought my time was at 11:30, she thought 12:30) ... so, I went out and got lunch instead of sitting around the waiting room reading to wait. There turns out to be a nice deli nearby (I go to Ellicott City Eyecare at Bethany 40 shopping center, near Bethany Lane on Route 40). The deli was called Bon Appetite Bakery & Cafe and the food was great! They had an extensive bakery but I carefully blinkered myself from that. :)

My trip to the optometrist was pretty much the only chore I got done on Monday. Fell asleep (for the first time in two weeks) in the late afternoon and missed my evening guild meeting again. Sigh.

Tuesday I had to drive to the MedStar Health Center in Rosedale to be weighed for my bariatric program - I had to reschedule my class for October as it was set to happen while we were in TN (not happening:). Clumsy of me not to have noticed that ahead of time. More sighs! You have to at least weigh in every month during preparation to prove you are giving weight loss your sustained attention. :P The trip to northeastern Baltimore was uneventful and traffic moved along well. I got that done briskly (still takes about 2 hours or maybe 2.5).

Once I got home, I did some housework and then spent the rest of the evening knitting and binge watching NCIS episodes on Netflix. :)

Today ... today was a fun adventure. My friend Barbara has been thinking about replacing her 'travel' sewing machine for a while. She has a Janome Gem she bought some years ago - lightweight but very basic - to use when she goes to retreat, sew-ins, etc. She decided that she really needs something a bit less _basic_ for away-from-home use and wanted to go look at EverSewn Sparrow models. Domesticity in northern Baltimore is a carrier (at least were, according to their website) ... so we drove up Harford Road to visit the shop. We had a nice visit but, sadly, they no longer carry the machines. DRAT! 

I, with great difficulty, restrained myself from buying a bunch of fabric while we chatted with the sales woman on duty at the shop. I saw some things I'd have been happy to bring home if my house weren't already so over-stuffed with lovely fabrics. ;) I was quite entertained when we came out of the shop (which is located in a rowhouse) to find these embedded in the concrete of the front sidewalk:





At some point in the recent past the sidewalk had been repaired (see the meter above?) and someone - likely the owners of the barbershop on the ground floor - had embedded tools of their trade in the wet cement. Charming! :)

Barbara pointed out that she had discovered that the EverSewn machines are marketed by Bernina dealers nowadays (made by Bernina)?. She had done a fair bit of research online about the company (as is usual with B). We put our heads together and decided to drive to Hanover, PA to visit Danner's Sewing Center (which we have scoped out before while out on Row by Row adventures) to see what they had. It was a pleasant drive, despite the overcast skies. The temperatures were in the high 60's which felt very pleasant to me. :)

Danner's did indeed sell the machines but they only had the model 30 to see, put hands on. Barbara had been thinking that would be too expensive as she wanted to stay under a $500 budget ... but, surprise!, the shop was having a sale. She sewed a seam, we looked at the features and she managed to walk out with the machine, the quilter's feet package (walking foot, darning foot and 1/4inch seam foot), and some extra bobbins for less than her budgeted money. Good sale! :) It's a nice little machine and does, indeed, have more features than the Gem did. I think Barbara will be happy with her new baby. :)

We ate lunch at what felt like a very authentic local Mexican restaurant ... and stopped for some delicious, rich ice cream at a local creamery on the way back south. Yum! :) On the whole, a great day out ... and I was extremely virtuous with my purchases (I did buy some more bobbins for my Bernina as I have lost several in my disorder:).

Tomorrow I have to go to Faithful Circle guild meeting in the morning (and draw for this month's block lottery) and do housework in the afternoon. I will try (again) to find out how my brother Jeff is doing. Probably I am going to drive to Cincy to see him on Friday.

:) Linda


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