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Hello October!


Now _there_ is a sight I'd like to see! So lovely in fall colors. :)

The weather was warm today - mid80s - and humid. Good working outside conditions - the workmen are almost finished with our deck rebuilding. Today they put in the new sliding glass patio door (which also required rebuilding the walls around the old door with their water damage). Of course, now all the scummy green moss growing on our vinyl siding looks dreadful (the deck is on the north side of our house:).  It will be nice to get it all done - and to be able to use the driveway/carport again!

Yesterday and today have been busy for me. The fourth Monday of each month is Wool Club at Springwater Designs. I did actually manage to go yesterday (I've missed the last two meetings). It is so wonderful to see what other people are working on. :) I took my embroidery along but did not get much done - was too busy looking at other people's goodies. And, to be honest, shopping. :)

What did I buy. Hmm, well. I bought fabric to make up the Grandmother's Star block for my hand piecing class. I looked all around and finally settled on some very cute safari-themed prints. The block is only 12" square and the pieces are small-ish ... so my first thought (Kaffe prints) just would not work well. The ones I bought are smaller scale and so cute I couldn't pass them by. :)

I also bought template plastic sheets (in case my students can't find them anywhere) ... and the newest issue of Simply Moderne. There are always quilts I want to make NOW in the issues. I saw several in this one that were enticing:





There were even more that I liked but I thought three was a good teaser. :)

At Club, Heather (the facilitator) was using a small wool mat to embroider on top of - she could stick her needle into the mat for making French knots, drizzle stitch and other two handed such things. For $5, I thought it was a good purchase. I had never considered using those nice heavy wool mats for anything other than ironing on. :)


Another thing I picked up was the new journal by Sue Spargo. I liked the beautiful photography of her embroideries ... and the pages alternate blank, lined and graphed paper. Useful! :) I saw the same journal on sale online but decided to pay full price anyway. Why? First, to support my local shop (as most of you know, I have experienced the pain of shop closing personally). Second, because I can afford it (and feel an obligation to add my support in place of someone else who maybe can't). And third, because I think I will actually use it, having seen it in person. I _much_ prefer touching the things I buy with my own hands.


I also managed to get myself into twelve months of trouble by signing up for a new block of the month project they just started (I think there might be a space still available), called Night Watchmen.


My photo isn't the best so go look at the link if you want to see it better. I'm excited about this one and plan to keep up. (fingers crossed; after my temperature quilt, I know I CAN do it). :)

Unfortunately, I slept through my evening guild meeting yesterday. Sigh. Fell asleep in my chair after eating dinner. I won't be going to the Thursday meeting, either, as I will be at the modern guild retreat from Thursday through Sunday this week. (so looking forward to that!)

Today I ran errands for some time .. listened to the workmen pound for a while at home ... and did some sewing and housework. I cut out the pieces for my star project and laid them out to see how I like my choices:


The theme of this block seems to be The Old Watering Hole, eh? :) I like the way it looks so I will sew it up tomorrow. I've already written my handouts and such, so I'll be prepared for my class once the block is made. :)

Tomorrow I have to go have a gastro procedure done (it's more prep for the bariatric surgery) and I have to go to Catonsville to take a quilt to someone. Busy, busy!

:) Linda


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