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Lovely Weekend


I came across this Venn diagram earlier last week and found it thought-provoking. It is meant to show how to choose your life's purpose. Personally, I think my purpose is life is two-fold: to increase the amount of love in the world (i.e., love everyone I can as passionately as possible:) and to generate good ideas wherever I find myself. Seems to be working for me so far, anyway. :)

The last three days have given me a lot of renewed enthusiasm for life and healing balm for my melancholy. I spent Friday - for the first time in weeks - with my friends Barbara and Patty. Barbara and I went to lunch at the Asean Bistro on the north side of Columbia, first. Barbara went out of her way to find some amazingly funny things to share with me (quotes from kids) over lunch - nothing like laughter to heal the soul! :)

After lunch, Barbara and I went back to her house (where we were joined by Patty) to sew. I had my remaining card kits along to finish making ... but discovered that I had forgotten my glue. :( Sigh. Patty brought me some of hers to use ... but that did not work out, either. So, instead I played with color chips with Barbara. It is almost time for Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery to start - this year's project is called Frolic and the color cards and fabric requirements were published recently.

Barbara got a HUGE pile of color cards because she wants to use a different palette than the one Bonnie has suggested. We spent quite a while looking through possible palettes from Design Seeds and sorting through color cards. So much fun! I love playing with color. :)

Here is the arrangement Barbara tentatively settled on using  I like best:

Barbaras frolic real

I have forgotten which Seed this was. Sigh. She gifted me with a color set I particularly liked, too: Barbara tells me I reversed these two photos. Sigh. That's what I get for not looking at my color cards before I posted. Grin. I do like the color combo above, luckily. ;)

My?? frolic

I _think_ this came from a Seed with a bright macaw or some other parrot bird. I don't know whether I'm going to bother with Bonnie's mystery this year or not. I guess it depends on my willingness to sew at the time. :) I did attempt it one year ... and failed miserably. I sewed my way through three or four of the mystery clues and then lost momentum. I made three charity baby quilt tops from my assembled parts ... and still have more to use up. :) I will save this palette, though, and maybe use it on another project. I like these colors. :)

Saturday was the scheduled meeting of our Columbia Bee for the Baltimore modern guild. We had the classroom space at Springwater Designs which is a really nice place to sew. :) I went to visit with my friends there (and to shop:) but didn't take anything to sew on. I just wanted to see what everyone else was making and chat. I stayed about two hours and enjoyed myself quite a lot - there is nothing like sewing with friends to lift my spirits. :)

While I was there, I bought my Aurifil spool (intense yellow this month), picked up my October block of the month (Nightwatch) kit, and found a cute 'lunch box' style tin. It was designed by the Ruby Star Society of Moda Fabrics and I really like it. On the large side of lunchbox size, it has a lovely sewing machine (a la Featherweight) on one side and pretty flowers on the others. I grabbed it up as soon as I saw it.

I have been carrying my embroidery around with me for several years as my 'traveling' handwork project. So far I've been using a small turquoise square tote from 31 bags. When I started working on the little dinosaur embroideries, I discovered that my tote was too small to hold a decent sized embroidery hoop (the work I've been carrying around is on flannel and wool and I didn't need a hoop). Sooooo, I needed a new carry-container for my embroidery. I had fun transferring the goods from my little turquoise bag into the Ruby tin. :)

Sunday was the monthly meeting of my Sew&Tell circle. I took my newly provisioned Ruby tin along with my embroidery to work on (and some delicious fresh watermelon/blueberry/strawberry fruits for our potluck). Again, such balm to see the seven of us who came to Barbara's house to sew for the afternoon! There was some show & tell, courtesy of Amy:


Here are Amy (left) and Peggy holding up a made-entirely-with-lawn cotton quilt by Amy. You would not believe how soft and cuddly this thing was! You can't tell from this photo but every other star is made from Hello Kitty fabric (Amy is a _serious_ collector of cat prints). So cute! :)

So, a lovely weekend and happy friendship contacts all around for me. :) Today it is back to real world - I have to go off as soon as I finish posting this to order gravestones for my two brothers.

:) Linda


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