December Rush

Dark Skies

Side 2

I just found this pretty lurking amongst the debris on the back of my computer desk. It is a needle case - inside that lovely beaded exterior is a wooden case with a lid that will hold needles or other small objects. I am not certain where I got it - I _think_ it was given to me by my (now gone) friend Genie Corbin. I need to put it with my hand sewing tools, eh?

Today has been quiet and fairly non-productive. Sigh. I did manage to do my one important household chore (gather recycling and put it out for tomorrow's collection). Otherwise, I've just been puttering away. I did manage to take a quick snapshot of myself wearing my new eyeglasses:


Not a very complimentary photo ... but I hope you can see the frameless wonders. :) I can't tell you how much I like these - no annoying colors around the edges of my vision! However, they are a bit delicate so I'm trying to take good care of them. I'm not a careful person by nature and I am usually fairly hard on my possessions. This will be good practice. :)

I treated myself to a gift this evening. I signed up to take an online embroidery class with Karen Ruane, an English contemporary embroiderer. I have taken at least two classes (online) with her before and I enjoy her style. This class is called The Little Book of Sewing and I look forward to working on it during the dark midwinter. :) Class starts on January 12th ... hopefully I will have my household affairs more-or-less settled by then so I  can enjoy sitting to work with a good conscience. :)



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