Where Was I?
Dark Skies

December Rush


Want to see these lovely lights? Click on the picture and go read about a nice winter trip to Lucca in Italy(?). I love lights at this midwinter time, myself ... but will have to make do with a local source. 

There was not much light here in the local area this past weekend. Gray, gray and rain, moderate cold (in the 40's) ... what I, personally, think of as 'nasty' winter weather. I'd rather have snow than rain (I know that is the counter-opinion, especially here in eastern Maryland:). I spent most of this weekend asleep - very, very hard to wake up (my husband will not prompt me and alarms don't work very well). sigh.

Today was different, though - it was the scheduled monthly meeting time for Mimi Dietrich's Grad Class at Bear's Paw quilt shop in Towson, MD. And, being December, today was our holiday pot luck. YUM! :) I was so focused on getting up on time (8 a.m. - not an easy goal for me) that I totally neglected to _remember_ the 'pot luck' part of the meeting. Sigh. I will  have to take something nice to share next month (fingers crossed).Happy faces, lots of laughs, beautiful show and tell quilts ... I always, always enjoy Mimi's meetings. Anyone who thinks 'little old ladies' are a staid bunch ain't never been to OUR meetings. Grin.

I managed to contain my buying to bits for two projects. I found some lovely wool felt to back the wool project I am finishing ... and two fat quarters of pretty prints to make into a background for my next applique/embroidery. I think I have not shared this - I bought a pattern here that epitomizes my personal feelings about the holiday this year. :) 

I see this as a picture of hope ... but reluctant participation. :) My personal outlook on the winter holidays right now. I am not including a photo here as it is a copyrighted pattern - go take a look on the designer's Etsy site - Nana Company (Amy Sinibaldi). Adorable.

Again this year I am going to try to participate in Cheryl Sloboda's post-every-day-in-December goal. I find it helps keep me awake and aware through this very trying month (well, for those of us with winter-s.a.d.). :)




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