Dark Skies
Sunny Days



This young woman is dressed in the native 'costume' of the Flower La people who live in northern Vietnam and southeastern China. Look carefully at those teeny, tiny bits of fabric! Talk about tour-de-force piecing!! One of the blogs I read regularly covers various native costumes around the world - today's post included this woman's ethnic group. My jaw dropped open, honestly. Small piecing finesse! :)

Yesterday went by in a dark blur with overcast skies. Today the sun came up bright and lively - and the wind has been rattling the windows. I'll take the sunshine, myself, no matter what comes with. :)

Today was the regularly scheduled meeting of the morning session for Faithful Circle Quilters (my 'traditional' quilt guild). As usual, the December docket of meetings has only one - the first Thursday in December is our pot-luck holiday luncheon, then no more meetings until January.

We had a really good attendance today - I didn't count heads but I would not be surprised if there were more than 50 people there. The food tables groaned (one spread for appetizers, one for veggies/entrees, and one for desserts) and a good time was had by this member, at least. :) So much happy chatter and friendly visiting. I saw some quilt buddies I have not talked to in ages which made me smile happily.

When I got home this afternoon, I sat and read a book in my cosy armchair - the sun came right through my front window and kept me warm all over. So luscious. :)

This evening I've been puttering about, reading blogs (including the above pic), catching up on my email, sending birthday greetings (today is my ex-brother in law's 72nd birthday as well as my nephew-in-law's) ... and avoiding the sales lures. Well, until I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole at Pink Door. Sigh. Admittedly Happy Sighs. :)

You might recall that I lusted for admired this quilt kit earlier in the year:

Today Pink Door fabrics had it on sale ... and I bought one. God knows I hardly need another project ... but I just could not resist any longer. :) I look forward to working on this during the dark January and February days!

:) Linda


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