Happy Anniversary

2020 Begins


The first bird I saw at my feeder when I went down this morning was a house finch - probably male as it had a very pink breast. :) The second was a cardinal, also male. Bright sunshine and mild temps (mid50's) made it a pleasant day. 

My son Hugh and I have decided on one mutual resolution this year - to have a home cooked dinner once each week. We started last week with Christmas dinner and continued today with corned beef, potatoes and cabbage in a slow cooker. YUM! I was modestly surprised that it turned out quite well - I have not cooked, really, for at least twenty years. :) Now we are pondering what to make next week - we've chosen Wednesday for our target day each week as Skip does not have to go out that evening, nor do I.

I also managed to find the holiday gifts my daughter sent us so we did our present opening a bit late this year. My gift from her is delightful - Zakka from the Heart by Minki Kim.  

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I am eager to sit down and make some of these pretty things! I think my sewing mojo is coming back to me at long last (six weeks without sewing is a very long time for me:).

I gave in to temptation and ordered several charm packs from Quilt In A Day today - they were on sale. I picked them with an idea toward making patchwork baskets and zip pouches for bingo prizes for the modern guild's Quilt Bingo this coming September. :)

Hooray for a fresh start - the New Year is one of my favorite holidays.

:) Linda


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