2020 Begins



These flamingos have that 'Who, Me?' look on their faces (imho) made famous by Alfred E. Newman. :) I was thinking about flocking birds when I titled this post (more about why in a minute) and went to do a search ... what I got were zillions of images about flocking nails, walls, etc - you know, that soft fuzzy stuff they used to put on what I think of as 'fancy house wallpaper' back in the 70s. Live and learn, eh? LOL!

Why was I thinking about flocking birds? Most of this post will be about my pleasures both yesterday and today with sewing with friends ... when I came down the stairs this afternoon (waking up very much later than even my usual), I spotted a large-ish flock of small birds at my feeder. Mixed together were cardinals (at least two pairs), little song sparrows (or at least _some_ kind of LBJ - little brown job - birds:), and house finches. They were mobbing my feeder (which has, as a consequence, very little seed left):


The dim quality of this photo is mostly due to the misty rain going on outside and the extremely overcast sky. Of course, whenever the birds flock to the feeder, so do the small tree mammals:

I am one of the (probably) unusual people who feed birds in that I actually like squirrels - as long as they aren't chewing apart my feeders. :) I always make sure to scatter seed on the ground under the hanging feeders for the squirrels - and the ground browsing birds. :)

Yesterday was the first scheduled meeting of Faithful Circle Quilters for the new year/decade. The attendance was high - and it was a first-of-the-month charity quilt assembly meeting. As always, show and tell was wonderful. I sat and visited with guild acquaintances and knitted on my At Dawn scarf. I absolutely LOVE the buzz of many voices working together - I think it is an energizing and happy sound. :)

Today (after sleeping way, way too long), I went to Springwater Designs to visit with my friends Barbara and Polly and to shop. The two of them were working on their Ladies of the Sea projects. Polly was slogging through making umpty small purple grapes to applique onto one bit of the border applique ... and Barbara was stitching the embroidery onto a floral applique block from Jo's Floral Album. She was struggling with her border corners for the ship quilt (a mariner's compass design) which I will likely help her with a bit more next Friday. There were two other ladies sewing when I got there, too, but I (typically) forget their names.

I got energized roaming around the shop and found several goodies I had to bring home with me. I also signed up to take a class on making fabric collages in February. There were several choices of pattern to use for the class so I bought this one:


I am picturing this as the center medallion in a Halloween quilt - with my Poison Bottle appliques all around it. :) I have been buying Laura Heine patterns for a while but never attempted making one ... I figured taking a class would short-circuit my learning process and give me the benefit of the teacher's mistakes. :) I'm looking forward to the class though it isn't until late February.

I also bought a panel print that I think will make a good beginning for a quilt for my little brother, Kevin. With luck, I will get it finished by our birthday in November.

:) Linda


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