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Friday Fun


Friday was a nice day with some sunshine and mild weather (for winter, in the midAtlantic region:). My friend Barbara B. and I planned to meet for lunch at a new-to-us Mexican restaurant (Cinco de Mayo) near Wegman's Supermarket in Columbia around 11:30 a.m. I had to drive to the pharmacy (Walgreens at Thunder Hill Road) to pick up my handful of antibiotics before that. One the way, I take a 'shortcut' backroad that goes past Blandair Park part of which is still under construction. There are lots of open fields and tree copses at the park and I was startled to see a bluebird shoot up from the verge and fly beside my car for a few yards.

I haven't seen a bluebird for many months but I know they live here - Howard County makes a point of posting bluebird boxes at all the parks and has (or at least used to have) a volunteer group to watch the boxes and try to encourage bluebirds to nest and return to the area.  This bird was a male but not quite as bright a blue as the photo above (taken by a lovely photographer named Jean Noren - click on the photo to go take a look at her work:). Made my morning happier. :)

Lunch was ok but not anything to write home about. :) We went back to Barbara's house afterwards for our Sewing Together day. Barbara had a pile of quilts recently returned by her long-armer that she wanted to choose bindings for ... and a great design wall to hang each one up so we could audition her choices. She likes striped bindings and has an extensive fabric collection to choose from. I did not count how many but I felt like six or seven quilts we viewed, choosing binding prints and often coordinating colors for narrow flanges inside the binding. Since I love color play, I found the whole exercise gratifying. And, as usual, I learn things doing the choosing - how finishing a quilt edge can frame a pattern layout, how the pattern motion of the quilt design can influence the color/scale/design of the binding fabrics ... fun! :)

I took my Modern Crazy Quilt along to embroider some more - and remembered to take some photos. I will do a proper staging when it is finished, quilted and bound ... but here are parts of it, as of now.


This green rectangle was one that I sewed today - I think the flowers look a bit like bittersweet. Autumnal. :)

Buttons 1

Years ago I learned to do Shisha embroidery ... and decided to use some pretty buttons a friend gave me to do something similar on this blue rectangle.

Buttons 2 Blue fans

Some more button embellishments, from the same friend's give-away.

Back whole

The front of my embroidery is reasonably tidy ... but the back is pretty chaotic (I'm not a person to care if the back is pretty, too; it's going to be against the batting when I finish this piece:). Bright and happy, imho.

I forgot to mention that Barbara's neighborhood has a very large flock (actually an accumulation of flocks) of 'commuter' geese - Canadian geese that travel around the area, grazing on farmer's fields after harvest (C.geese are herbivores and eat new grass/weed growth). They were visiting a big field at the foot of Murray Hill on early Friday afternoon when I saw them. :) Here in the midAtlantic region, about half the Canadian geese migrate into this area and the other half never leave since we have pretty mild weather patterns. I enjoy hearing the sounds a really big flock of geese make while working across a field together (very like a gaggle of people chatting in a restaurant:).

I was happy to get some work done on my embroidery (there are only three small rectangles left to finish) and to play with Barbara's pretty colors. Great day for textile love.

:) Linda


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