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Geometric Pattern Play


I like this tessellating pattern (I think it looks like forks though it could be the pitchfork or digging-in-the-garden kind rather than eating tools:). I generally cut my scraps into 1.5" and 2.5" wide strips or squares which I think could make this design pretty well. This quilt was posted on the wall of the classroom where the Jinny Beyer club meets - today was the scheduled monthly gathering at her shop in Great Falls, VA. 

I have not been able to attend club for several months so it was a pleasant occasion today. As usual, I went down with my friend Barbara (who always drives). We had lunch beforehand at the Bollywood Bistro - an Indian (subcontinent) buffet - which was new to me. I got a kick out of the Bollywood video playing on the bar television at the back of the restaurant while we ate. If you've never watched a show in that genre, be prepared for some over-the-top dancing, singing and costuming. I think it looks like fun though I will admit that I am not a devotee. :)

I don't know a lot about Indian food though I've eaten it a number of times (in restaurants) - I like what I have but don't ask me to identify it without a key; like sushi/sashimi, I just eat it and enjoy. I'm not required to know what the exact ingredients really are. :)

Show and tell is always a fun part of Club meeting and there was plenty of that today. Here is Barbara, sharing one of the two quilts she brought along:

Barbara blues

No, I took nothing for show and tell - haven't made anything of note in almost three months now. Sigh.

I will only share two of the 'general' member quilts - I liked this design and would like to make a version of my own.

Dianes shooting stars

Diane made a 'shooting star' quilt from scraps (I forget, at this moment, what the proper name of this design really is.


Shooting stars runner

Another club member made this modified version as a table runner. I love the color pop on that very neutral 'muddy' brown-gray background fabric.

Jinny showed a series of quilts she designed, all featuring arrangements of 60 degree diamonds (some divided into smaller diamonds). It was interesting to hear her talk about what inspired each design.

Jinnys blocks

Jinnys pile

Jinnys shading

Shaded diamonds


You might have to look at each of these five quilts carefully to distinguish the unit design - all made with diamond shapes, some of them subdivided into smaller diamonds. Fabric placement really plays a big part in quilt design! :)

On the way home from Jinny's shop we saw yet another commuter flock of Canadian geese across from the Village Center in Great Falls. Surrounded by wildlife (hmm, well, human-tolerating animals) here. 

:) Linda


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