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I think I have mentioned this concept once before ... but I had an epiphany yesterday evening and now I'm going to bring it up again, in a slightly different light. :)

Yesterday (Sunday the 12th) was the scheduled monthly meeting of the Baltimore modern quilt guild. The day was glorious weather-wise: mild (high 60s) temperatures, sunny, gently breezy. Quite pleasant! :) Attendance at the meeting was high (we are all happy to be starting a new year, I think:). Kathy Schwabeland, our program chair, led a rousing meeting that included a session of quilt bingo, getting to know you, and lettering on quilts demos. So. Much. Fun! 

There were four demos by members showing different ways to get text into and onto fabric in quilt making. One - free motion embroidery - I had almost completely forgotten about. I've been so focused on hand embroidery for months, I had forgotten about how much fun free motion writing can be ... it was really good to be reminded. :) Another member shared freezer paper piecing - something I've only watched/read about and never worked with ... now I'm motivated to try it out. :) Foundation piecing of letters I've done many times ... and free piecing, come to that.

One of the things that happened was the sharing of our Baltimore themed quilt, all made with many ways of creating text. I had almost forgotten exactly what I, myself, made for inclusion in that quilt. Was fun to see it all.


This word is Preakness (the annual horse race we host at Pimlico Racetrack). The red and yellow bits are pieced together, not a striped print. :) I learned that lettering can be hard to read if it is too busy when I made this.



I wanted to be sure that the history of quilt making in Baltimore was represented in our very modern quilt, too, so I did Baltimore Album Quilts in reverse applique, with free motion stitching at the edges to make it 'modern'. I learned to do reverse applique (with invisible hand turned edges) in classes with Mimi Dietrich, I think. :)


This black-eyed susan blossom is about 4 or 5 inches square. I pieced it by free hand rotary cutting each half petal. That was liberating and satisfying - I want to try doing more of that! :)


These leaves were also free hand rotary cut. So much fun! I think this panel is about 6" wide by maybe 14" long.

I also helped assemble all the bits and pieces into the finished quilt top. That was a job. :)

Anyway, our meeting was invigorating and exciting. This year is the 10th anniversary of the guild which started as a small meeting held in my shop - I remember when Heather Kojan and Deb Kleiner came in to talk to me and I invited them to start the guild and meet at Seminole Sampler. I was excited then and I'm still excited about the group. :)

It felt rather odd to be an ordinary member of the guild yesterday, though ... I've been some kind of officer for many years. :) I made a point to get  up and walk around to talk to as many folks as I could at the meeting - that is what I used to do back in my 'traditional' guild leadership days BS (before store:) and it has worked out well for me. ;)

When I got home last night, I was playing solitaire and thinking about the One Word challenge for the BMQG ... I have been pondering what word would be good for me to focus on during this new year. I toyed with the idea of Structure - because I feel a real need right now to make my life more orderly ... and with the word Focus, because that is a perennial need for me. :) 


Last night it occurred to me that my word really needs to be IKIGAI - (e-key-gah-e) - why do you get up in the morning? What is important to you? What _is_ important to me? Family .... friends ... creating/making stuff. Start/finish. :) I think this is the antidote to my melancholy - going to try it out, anyway. 

:) Linda


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