At dawn closeup

This is a photo of my At Dawn shawl in progress - showing the colors pretty well, even if not well in focus. (sigh) I've been knitting every evening while I watch 'tv' (streaming tv shows on my desktop computer). I'm finally down to the last color section so I might get it finished sometime this week. :)

The weather caught me by surprise (sort of) today - we had our first real snowfall of the winter, starting around 2 p.m. with cold rain, progressing pretty quickly to heavy wet snow. Hugh and I were out grocery shopping (buying the fixings for our Wednesday dinner for the week - last week we had a very nice corned beef, red cabbage and new potatoes:). The forecast was calling for snow but I was highly skeptical - it has been in the 40's this week and I really did not think it was cold enough to stick. Hah! What do _I_ know? :) I'm looking forward to seeing how it all looks tomorrow morning.

I went out earlier today with my student, Sylvia, to visit the Normandy Sew & Vac store. She is planning a baby quilt for her newest great-grandchild (a nice color study from City Quilts). I have not been to the shop for several months - I was excited to see that they have expanded their inventory yet again - had a very nice selection of solid colored fabrics along the front wall of the shop. Since Sylvia wants to do a tonal in solids, it was exactly what we wanted. We chose and were finished in record time. :)

I came home, ate lunch and then went out again with Hugh to shop.By the time he and I were finished, the snow was starting to accumulate on our front yard. I had filled the bird feeders when I got home earlier which was a good thing for the little feathered fluffs. I think they will need all the energy-rich nutrition they can get.

I read a great post earlier in the week by Sharon Boggs at Pintangle about why 'wobbly stitches are ok' - agrees with my personal philosophy of making:

In an era where we are time poor to make a thing is more about the philosophy of the maker than anything else. Even if you just say to yourself “there is nothing ‘deep’ about what I make I just enjoy the making”. Or you might say “I just enjoy the process!” That is a choice. You have decided to spend time making something rather than gazing at a screen, or doing something else. You have given yourself permission to learn a skill and in my opinion develop your creativity. No matter if you stitch simply to relax or you enjoy the process or you embrace the whole slow stitching/mindful movement, no matter how you frame it, the thing you make is human. It reflects your human creativity. That is a good thing in the world. So in my book… wobbly stitches are OK!

I've never been the kind of maker who strives for machine-like perfection for exactly that reason - despite that I have to fight my own personal perfection demons, I want my work to show _my_ hand. :)

Yesterday was an excellent day to enjoy the company of makers. The monthly meeting of Mimi Dietrich's Grad Class was at Bear's Paw yesterday and we saw a lot of beautiful quilts. Some of they were museum quality, jaw-dropping applique work. :) Then I got another dose of maker happiness in the evening with the first Monday evening meeting of Faithful Circle quilters - an all-quilting-all-day kind of time. :)

:) Linda


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