Friday Fun


No, this is not a mythical creature or something from a D&D or video game or even an anime movie. This is a picture of Heliobacter pyloria fairly common bacteria that causes - among other things - stomach ulcers. :P I think I mentioned that way back in September or October my gastroenterologist discovered that I had an infection of H. pylori ... and that I was on antibiotics to kill it.

Today I saw the doctor for my follow up breath test - and, as I suspected, the stuff is still flourishing in the lining of my poor stomach. I've probably had this infection most of my life as I had real troubles with my stomach when I was in high school. :P Since I'm allergic to one of the two antibiotics used to treat this stuff, my doctor has prescribed a much heavier dose of what I took before, for a longer period of time, and boosted by two other drugs. I am not looking forward to keeping track of the two weeks worth of meds I have to take now (starting tomorrow) - some four times a day, some twice. Good  luck not-so-good-at-details me. :)

Today was pretty sunny and not too cold. I enjoy my outing to the doctor's office despite the bad news. Treated myself to lunch from the deli in the same building ... and ate it at Dockside, looking at Lake Elkhorn in the sunshine. Pretty! :)

Other than that, I've had a lazy day. Could not wake up in time this morning so missed the Thursday guild meeting. (sigh) Starting to really twitch from sewing withdrawal - gotta get my sewing area back to functional!

:) Linda



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