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Today was sunny and very brisk - winds up to 26 mph (which in my book is way more than a nice breeze:). :P If the wind didn't blow, the temperature standing in the sunshine was pleasant (30 degrees F or so; 19 degrees when the wind blew). Brr!

Still, spring is coming - at least my greenery thinks so. We have snowdrops blooming (first photo above - click for more info) and I noticed this morning that my vinca (minor) ground cover is flowering (second photo - click for info:). 

I did see a blooming swamp maple when I was out and about today - but the one in our front yard is not showing that red haze, yet. Must be cooler in our yard?


I woke up right at 10 a.m. I decided not to go to guild but to use my day for our group Vintage Housewife sew in. I was thinking 'go to quilt shop' (meaning, consciously, go to Springwater Designs) but my brain 'heard' go to Seminole Sampler. LOL. Fifteen years times 300+ days makes for pretty constant habits, I guess. I 'woke' up as I was about to take the ramp northward on Route 29 toward Catonsville and laughed at myself - also took a U-turn at the next intersection and headed back toward Springwater's location. Silly autopilot driving. :)

Sue and Carol were both set up and working already by the time I dragged my stuff into SWD's classroom around 10: 45. My friends Barbara and Polly were there, too. Polly is appliquing the second border length of her Ladies of the Sea and Barbara was trying to figure out how to piece that antique pinwheel quilt she loves. She had traced the entire top out onto tracing paper, real sized and was attempting to figure a construction path.

My goal today was to make the next two blocks of the Vintage Housewife quilt (I got two blocks done last time so that seemed reasonable). First I worked on the 'ironing' block (here is the designer's iteration):


I did manage to glue up this entire block (using completely different fabrics - sorry, forgot to take a photo). The only change I made was to the iron's cord - the striped red rickrack I used was not as flexible as I might like and I only managed one loop in the cord. :) Of course, I will have to do the embroidery after I machine applique the bits that are only glued down.

Sue and I drove over to Subway to pick up some lunch (Carol had very intelligently brought a lunch:). I bought a turkey, avocado, bacon concoction on spinach wrap (my now-favorite). Yum!

After I ate that more-than-adequate lunch, I started in on the second unit I wanted to do today, the 'typewriter' block (I guess this stands for correspondence with friends and family?). Again, here is Lori Holt's vision:


I did not manage to complete this one - I think I spent more time dithering over fabric choices and such than last time. :) Sue chose to create two knitting needles to replace the crochet hook on this design and I think I will, too. I do both crafts but I am more of a knitter - the only things I really crochet are lace (including a lacy shawl I like to make) and amigarumi toys. I got the yarn balls, the body of the typewriter, and the vase glued into units ... I still  have to do the platen and paper as well as the flowers/leaves. After looking at the flower shapes carefully, I decided that I will fuse those and the leaves (both small, fussy parts). I think I have some nice buttons to make the flower centers. Next session. :)

Tomorrow Barbara and I are meeting for lunch and it's back to working on my Town & Country quilt top.

:) Linda




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