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This has been my opinion for most of this week. Do you 'speak' Cat? This one has a truly pissed-off expression on his/her face. :) Downright gloomy Gus. LOL. I have been spending my week just over (finally!) mostly asleep or in bed. :P I had a flu shot this fall (as always) and I think it helped me escape real illness ... but my body has been fighting something off and it has been a serious series of blah days. Sigh.

Today, however, is brighter - both literally (mid60's temperatures with nice sunshine) and figuratively (I have most of my energy back and actually managed to do a couple of useful things on my To Do list today). I even went for a pleasant walk to my mailbox (we have cluster boxes here in Columbia; it's about 150 yards to our box from my front door) and back.

Speaking of mail, I got some nice things mixed in with the more usual junk and advertisements. I got the newest issue of Block magazine - they are clearly trying out some new ideas as this issue is wordier than past ones. I like Block because it is a shorthand way to collect easy-to-make quilt designs (perfect for sharing with family who might like a quilt:). I also like that I can easily refer to all the issues digitally (with their Ap) if I happen to want to sew something when I'm away from home (at retreat, etc). 

I got my monthly Sew Sampler box from the Fat Quarter shop:

Feb sew sampler box

I LOVE red, white and blue fabric collections (made my Patriotic Quilt  in 1992 and still haven't worked the love out of my system:). This month's box has two charm square packages of Macinac Island, a set by Minnick and Simpson, that I really like. Also some lovely 80 weight Aurifil red thread, a half-hex template and some nice washi tape for marking seam allowances on my sewing machine (most likely I'll use it on Blue). Such fun!

I got a pattern I had ordered online, too:

Spin drift

I have a weak spot for Jen Kingwell designs and this one calls to me. I'm pondering what kind of fabrics to use with this one - maybe those beautiful Morris prints I've accumulated? :)

The only other 'fun' item in my pile of this week's mail was a new template from Virginia F. Wolfe for a small version of her curve braid cascade quilt. I've admired that design ever since I first saw it and I  look forward to sewing up a small version. :)

I missed several events while under the weather this week - the Fabric Collage class I registered for was Tuesday, the monthly meeting of Village Quilters was Thursday, and my Friday Sewing Together Day with Barbara all went by the wayside. (Tears) Sigh. Well, at least I am feeling better.

The cooking on Wednesday event that Hugh and I have been sharing got postponed until Thursday evening...and even then I participated by sitting in a chair and reading the recipes to him. He did a great job (at least according to him and his Dad:) making spare ribs with sauerkraut and potatoes ... I didn't eat any of it due to a very, very queasy stomach. :P I realized that we need to collect the recipes he and I are making (along with our creative judgements) in a cook book so Hugh will have a reference text he can use when I am not here any more. :) It so happens that I made a very nice cook book notebook last year in a paper crafting class at Photoscraps - I am happy to have found a use for it at last. :)

I got a phone call from my Aunt Janice (my Mom's youngest living sister) this afternoon. Apparently the weather was nice today in southeastern Ohio as she reported that the family and their pastor interred my two brothers' ashes with my parents this afternoon. I feel so grateful to them for doing that ... and for caring so much. I need to send some flower starts for decorating their graves I think.

On the whole, I am glad to be feeling better. I am twitching to get back to sewing again ... so my energy is more normal than it has been over this winter. I noticed today that we have two patches of snowdrops blooming in our front yard - I had completely forgotten planting them. Praise mother nature for spring surprises!

:) Linda


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