Gray Week

Half Week Review


This past Sunday (the 9th) was the regularly scheduled meeting of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild ... and we had a sort-of old-fashioned bee. We did a sew-in for making charity baby/kids quilts. I have to say, the programming people outdid themselves. :)

Our meeting was held at the Catonsville Public Library, right on Frederick Road in downtown Catonsville. I'm not overly fond of this meeting room (any library is a wonderful place in my humble:) as it is downstairs. You have to drag stuff right through the middle of the checkout area and down stairs or the elevator (in my usual case) to get there. Strangely enough, the elevator empties right into the quiet reading room which seems like poor planning to me - the patrons looking for quiet can't help but be disturbed by the foot traffic. :P

The group was broken into four? five? sewing sets (identified by mascots - I was assigned to the Flamingo group:) - each set included someone who brought a machine to piece, someone else who would machine quilt, two people to be cutters/assemblers and a third person to do hand work and ironing. It worked like greased machinery! We worked from about 1:30 until 3:30 or so - and we worked steadily. I took Blue to work as the machine quilter in my group (also schlepped my ironing board and iron along for the group to use). It was a chance to use the walking foot I bought for my Featherweight a couple of weeks ago at the how-to-do-maintenance class.

Maria O'Haver was the sewist in my group. If you've never met Maria, suffice it for me to say that she is a genuine energizer bunny! :) She assembled three (I think) tops (6" squares) that afternoon - I was fascinated to watch her do it with chain stitching and webbing assembly (something I've seen but never done myself). Once we had a top assembled, the helpers basted it all together and I machine quilted it.

The walking foot worked well enough but it is not nearly as good as the one on my Bernina - the clearance between the bottom of the foot and the feed dogs was fairly small - I had to take the foot off at times to maneuver the sandwich to the correct starting place. I did simple diagonal lines across each square for the quilting design. Since I did not know (other than 'cotton') what kind of batting we were using, I decided to sew in both directions so each square ended up with an X of quilting stitches. Most likely that was over-quilting the baby - but I'd rather be sure it would hold up to repeated washing than have it fall apart with use. All three quilt tops featured scrappy and cute juvenile prints with alternate colored squares.

I tell you, that room bristled with enthusiasm and busy-doing! I did not hear how many quilts got finished (anything unfinished got taken home to bind, etc) that afternoon - they cut enough squares for two quilts per group. So much fun! :) Since I was crazy busy, though, I did not take photos (sigh). :)

Monday was a busy day. It was raining and cold (40s) all day which made a mess of getting around. :P First I had luncheon with some of my former staff members from Seminole Sampler. We met at Bare Bones and had a nice lunch (as usual, I enjoyed their Memphis pulled pork sandwich:). It is so good to see my friends and to catch up with their lives. :)

I had a doctor's appointment just after lunch - a follow up with my pulmonologist to check on the new BiPap machine I'm using for sleep apnea. I'm still struggling with some aspects of using it and the doctor had good suggestions (Dr. Holden is a great doctor!) for dealing with some of it. He did tell me that the next time we meet (in May) I will have to take the breathing tests again. I can say that things are slowly getting better - my shortness of breath issues have eased up quite a bit, though I still don't have much in the way of stamina. :P

Monday evening the meeting of Faithful Circle quilters was held at Springwater Designs quilt shop - the church where we usually meet serves as a cold weather shelter this time of year. I managed to find some good fusible interfacing to reinforce the fabric squares I need to cut for the Sew&Tell group quilt. I also found a kit for a good tote bag made with some gorgeous fabric I think my niece will like. Now to sew it up!

Tuesday was grocery shopping day so Hugh and I had lunch together and then visited Giant in our neighborhood to get the supplies for our Wednesday cooking experiment. This week we decided to have curried chicken with rice and apple pie for desert. Yum! I actually enjoyed grocery shopping - it's nice when you aren't in a rush and stressed out. :)

Today I went to my quarterly appointment at the allergy clinic. I am about halfway through the second year of shots (self-administered) and thought maybe I had lost track of things with all the traveling and grieving time I've had over the past four months. The nurse and I went over my records and she decided that I was ok to continue (whew!) so I'm back on schedule. In a couple of months they will give me the tests again to see how much progress the treatment has made. :)

Other than that, I just managed to cook dinner, eat (turned out well:), and watch some tv (working my way through NCIS: New Orleans now). The second half of my week is filled with fabric time so I am looking forward to that.


:) Linda


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