Gray Week

More Quiet


Is it a beautiful flower? A file from the William Morris archive? Nope. This is Covid19, the coronavirus upsetting the nerves (and lives) of the human world right now. Even deadly things can be beautiful, eh? (tigers come to mind immediately).

I was overly optimistic in my last post. This has been a pretty quiet week ... but I'm ok. Just resting and recovering. :P

Tomorrow is looking up, though. I have my regular weekly meeting of Faithful Circle's day group ... then I'm off to Springwater Designs for a sewing date with my Vintage Housewife making buddies. Looking forward to setting up blocks three and (dare I hope?) four in the series. :)

Hugh and I tried some archive resurrection of our own today. For our Wednesday cooking project this week, we tried to re-create Spam Casserole (don't wince, please:) - or rather Not Spam Casserole - a dish that I used to make when my kids were really little (and we were living on one income and quite a bit less affluent than we are now:). We made a pretty good stab at it (I tried to find the recipe -  the original came off the back of a box of ingredients in the early 80s - without any luck; we were running on organic and very fallible memory:). Needs some tweaking still but I think we are within the ballpark now - pretty good for an old lady's recall. LOL.

Hoping for sunshine tomorrow, as always.

:) Linda


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