Marathon (Sort Of)

Appointments Galore


Today I had my first physical therapy appointment to deal with the joint aches in my right shoulder. I was impressed with the therapist assigned to me (I've dealt with a fair number of these folks over my lifetime ... like all medical people, some are good and some are not:) ... she decided (contradicting the orthopedist) that I do not have a rotator cuff tear ... that the pain I feel is caused by the same bone spur I was suffering with a couple of years ago - now it is grinding on the soft tissues around the joint and making them tender. :P

Really, I think I am a wonderfully healthy person ... if it weren't for the arthritis issues, I'd be supremely healthy (imho:). Those issues are primarily genetic in origin (with, I must admit, some aggravation due to my weight). Sigh.

Anyway, she gave me three exercises to do at home and I have to go back twice a week for the rest of this month. At least we can get to the doctor when we need one, eh? :)

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of my Sew&Tell group. We currently have ten members but only four of us showed up (Barbara - whose house we meet at - me, Deborah and Peggy). I worked on finishing up my fourth block from the Vintage Housewife project. I am really happy with the way my blocks are coming along ... though I must admit that I have no idea what the finished quilt will look like. :) Here they are:

Canning blk

This is the first one I made, the 'canning' block. I remember my Mom canning all kinds of foods - veggies like pickles and tomatoes, fruit like apples, chutneys and chow-chow ... good things! :)

Canning blk

This the the 'baking' block. Mom occasionally made cakes and pies ... but more common was corn bread (southern style WITHOUT sugar) or cornsticks which we had with almost every meal.

Canning blk

'Ironing' at our house included my Dad's shirts ... and Mom's nursing uniforms. I used to love watching her iron the beautiful white hat she wore as a nurse. Each nursing school had their own design - she was a graduate of Berea (KY) Nursing School and I loved her hat. :)


Typewriter blk

This is the one I just finished, the 'typewriter' block. I guess this stands for staying in touch via letters and such ... and yarn crafting. Knitting and crocheting were what my Grandma Hampton taught me ... and embroidery. I put knitting needles on my block - the original had a crochet hook. I knit way more often than the latter.

None of these blocks is finished, yet. I intend to sew the turned edges of all my block shapes with a narrow zigzag stitch by machine. Probably in fine threads, color chosen to match the shape. To be done ... I used Ricky Tim's Stable Stuff for the shapes, glue basting for each piece to turn the edges of the fabric.


In addition to the P.T. appointment, I had a meeting with my primary care doctor (William Saway, a GREAT doctor) this afternoon. Now that I have tested negative for the H.pylori infection, I can proceed with preparations for the bariatric surgery. Next up is an upper g.i. tract Xray with barium. :P Then a psychiatry appointment (I guess to decide whether I am sane???). And onward. 

I finally managed to make dinner this evening after I got home from all that running about. Bacon and cheese quiche - it turned out YUMMY. Just about as perfect as I can manage. :) I did decide to order an oven thermometer as I really don't know how reliable our new-ish oven bakes. And some silicon spatulas - don't know where my spatulas went but I cannot find any in my kitchen. Fifteen years of not cooking is plenty long enough for stuff to wander off. :)

Gotta go get my blood drawn (routine) tomorrow ... then I am going to work a while on my sewing room cleanup and SEW.

:) Linda


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