Sunshine - Spring?



When I stepped out my front door this morning I was greeted by spring daffodils blooming! I always count the blooming of my daffys as the beginning of spring, locally. The date varies quite a lot, of course - has been as early as Feb. 20th and as late as March 20th over the years. The bright yellow faces always make my heart happy.

Because this is the first week of the month, it has been a bit busier than most weeks. Monday (the first Monday of March) was the monthly meeting of Mimi Dietrich's Grad Class (Original) in Towson at The Bears Paw quilt shop. I always enjoy that day - the ladies of the group are almost all older than me (maybe two or three are younger). Anyone who thinks old ladies are staid doesn't know this group! We laugh and are raucous as a rule. :)

Today, Thursday, was the weekly Faithful Circle Quilters Guild meeting - and the General Meeting with Business that is generally on the first Thursday of each month. Lots of folks came today so the vocal buzz was loud and happy. The guild is holding it's bi-annual show in April and preparations are gearing up fast. It is always a great show ... but I am hoping to go west to visit my daughter and family in April (my niece, Amy's, birthday is April 15th). My husband is wary of my traveling this year due to the coronavirus outbreak (being in the older age bracket, he worries about me:) ... we'll see.

Show and tell is always great at the FCQ meetings - I took three photos today that I want to share here:

Debbies peacockThis quilt was made by Debbie Kastner and I think it is way cool! :) About 60" square or so.



Spools closeThis spool quilt was made by my friend Patty Stenpeck. She won blocks at the monthly drawing of Village Quilters in January - the chosen block design was this spool made with striped fabric. I think this is a nifty quilt! Patty said she will finish it to be a bingo prize quilt for VQ.


KittiesI neglected to listen to whose quilt this was. I really like the kitty fabric centers and the bright colors. 


I am starting to come out of my gray funk at long last. Two days ago I began this month's block for Stash Bee Hive 4 - a simplified log cabin. The bee Queen asked for bright cheery prints so I chose four different warm colors. Here are two of the colors I chose - this block is made from four of these units.

Block red

Block red
Because my sewing area is still in a state of chaos, I have been hand piecing these units. I enjoy the meditative process of hand piecing ... and I'm not in a huge hurry to finish (have all month). :) Even so, I hope to get this finished by the end of this weekend.

That _might_ be ambitious as I have a class on Saturday. The Baltimore modern guild is hosting Timna Tarr and I signed up to take her class on map making. :) Sunday is the monthly guild meeting with a trunk show by Timna which I am looking forward to also. Busy, busy. :)

This week's Wednesday cooking session slipped to this afternoon (I was not up to doing much yesterday evening - I worked hard during the day and got about half my bedroom cleaned up). I made macaroni and cheese with ham, from scratch. Nothing like home made mac and cheese to cheer one up!

I talked to my daughter and two grandsons this evening (FaceTime). They were pretty rambunctious (the boys) - at almost 2 and 5.5 years old, they can really rock and roll! :) 

:) Linda


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