Appointments Galore
Wiggle, Wiggle

Marathon (Sort Of)


This was my end-of-day conclusion for today. :) I had a strange day ... by dint of a mass of coincidences, I had FOUR appointments today. (And I was saying how healthy I really am last time, too - tsk). I had to make six stops (snuck an errand in there as well as a lunch stop) in total. Even I was pooped by the time I got home around 5 (having left home at 10 a.m.). Whew!

Spring is popping out everywhere in this area ... and it looks downright strange at times. Trees are flowering that are usually later along with very-early-spring trees ... and there are no green leaves or grass, yet, so it is all happening on a more-or-less gray background.

We did have some sunshine in the first half of today (along with mild temperatures in the mid50's). I managed to grab a drive-through lunch bag (sit-down restaurants are all closed) and take it down to the Dockside area at Lake Elkhorn. Sat in the sun and ate my food then read a while (a just released Mercy Thompson series book by Patricia Briggs, Smoke Bitten).

First I had a 45 minute appointment with an assistant psychologist named Amber (practice of Joshi and Merchant, here in Columbia) ... to satisfy my insurance company's requirement for bariatric surgery. Quite pleasant, on the whole. :)  Then a stop at Labcorp for blood drawing (every quarterly checkup, routine). Lunch stop and blooming beauty admiration followed by an hour of exercising my right shoulder at the physical therapist. Last, an hour at the podiatrist getting my poor feet treated. Whew!

All along the way I enjoy flowering beauty:

Drs window

This was a late afternoon sight out my podiatrist's window. Notice the red haze out there, off to the left? Those are the flowers of a swamp maple which bloom in very early spring. The pretty white blossoms to the right are, I _think_, pear trees or maybe crabapple (didn't get a good look at the blossoms to count petals). Just beyond this window to the right was hanging a bird feeder and little chickadees were swarming it.

Drs window
This beautiful copse of trees grows in front of my primary doctor's offices. I'm not sure if they are Japanese cherries or something else. Look like cherries. :) Always beautiful, every spring. That pale blue car in the middle front is our Bolt.


IuI saw a number of these short trees/tall bushes in bloom as I drove around - saucer magnolias.


Forsythia-in-bloomAlso saw a lot of these  - forsythia bushes in full yellow glory. :)


Iu-1Everywhere the white crabapple trees are flowering - all through the woods and along the road verges.


What a beautiful day! By the time I got home, though, I was whipped. :) I just have not been pushing my physical stamina that hard since I closed my shop. Not used to go-go-going all day any more. :) I was too tired to care by evening and just put my feet up to read.

:) Linda


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