Wiggle, Wiggle
Beautiful Spring Day

Quiet but Friendly

Zen lifeThis seems like a really good time to practice if one wanted to pursue a zen life, eh? Not many distractions, plenty of solitude for meditation. Actually, I enjoy meditating - my (former) partner Kathy helped encourage me to start when she invited me to attend her Quaker meetings. I"m not very good at sitting still and quiet so meetings were a revelation to me (raised, as I was, as a Southern Baptist). Wonderful!

Even so, too much quiet gets on my nerves ... so I am happy to have had the opportunity to stay in touch with my quilting friends this weekend. Of course, Patty and Barbara are on direct line - we text together regularly to share what we are working on. I got to add two Zoom sessions - one Saturday, one Sunday - this weekend to my tech rep. :)

I'm still not sewing much - still cleaning and de-crapifying my space - but it was wonderful to see what other people were working on. I am going to have to get my ashes in gear and try to do more. Might be a bit hampered by my body, though. I think I have some kind of virus - been sneezing for two days (thought it was allergies - every blooming thing is adding to the particulate matter in our region:) - and (warning: possibly tmi) I have had (ahem) intestinal upsets today. Sigh.

I will have to struggle to wake up early enough in the morning to call my doctor and ask what I should do. I don't have a fever though my joints ache as if I did. :P I definitely think I will be not going out for the next week or two. 

Of course, when I am wickedly busy with too many things to even _think_ about sewing, I twitch to sew ... and when I literally have all the time in the world to sew, I am inert. Honestly, I am such a contrarian. Silly girl!

Talked to my daughter twice today. The younger of my two grandsons is TWO years old today. I watched him learn how to take off his own sleepers this evening - definitely hitting that 'I want to be independent' stage. :) So cute!

I think I will probably not be going to physical therapy this week either. Gotta remember to do extra exercises. :P

I am reading a lot. Probably averaging two paperback book's worth of prose every day (yes, I read quickly). Trying to stay warm and dry (been damp and chilly here). Keep my wild birds fed. You know, life-as-we-know-it-lately.

:) Linda


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