Sunshine - Spring?

Geese nesting

Saturday afternoon? Sunday? I took my lunch down to the lakeside (Lake Elkhorn docks) to eat. The weather has been mild ... it was cloudy that day but has been sunny yesterday and today (Monday). There are a couple of artificial islands at that end of the lake and, as you can see, the Canadian geese are pairing off and establishing territory on them. Baby goslings can't be too far behind, eh? We have more early spring signs. :)

I forgot to share this sight (which made me giggle) from last Monday a week ago - in front of Bear's Paw quilt shop where we went for Mimi's Grad Class meeting:


The eyelashes were the crowning glory - I had to laugh right out loud when I saw them. :) Don't know whose car this is but it sure raised my spirits. :)

Friday a week ago my friend Patty came to Barbara's house to sew with us. She brought along a beautiful 1840's (or so) era quilt to trace off. The quilt belongs to an acquaintance of Patty's and P wants to duplicate it. After I saw the quilt, I put it straight onto my personal 'must make' list as well.

Border plus

You can see the blocks, sashing and borders in this not-so-great picture I took. I've never seen this block design before (doesn't mean it isn't common:). I love this! Most people will say 'brown' if you ask them what the ugliest color is ... I happen to like brown, especially these kinds of brown mixed with a gentle pink and blue. This quilt is very old, as textiles go and in very good condition. I sure hope the owner knows how much it is worth!!

This week when Barbara and I got together on Friday afternoon to sew, Polly Mello joined us. Polly is steadily working on the borders for her Ladies of the Sea quilt (the woman has serious grit!). Barbara and I were working on our Town&Country projects. I managed to make five blocks that afternoon (bear in mind that these blocks finish 4" square and are only fused down - they still need edge-sewing and embroidery/inking):


This is meant to be the National Aquarium in Baltimore (well, an abstraction) -

one of my favorite tourist destinations in the city.

Corner cityThis is one corner of the inner city central square of the design, as drawn.

ObccThis is the Owen Brown Community Center, the meeting house

for the village in which I live in Columbia, MD.
ObccThis is intended to be the Maryland Science Center, another of my

favorite places in Baltimore (IMAX to the right).


The center of the quilt (in the original) has a five pointed star  - the central, city, square is shown at night in the original design. I decided to replace that star with a people tree image, the icon for Columbia, a planned community nearly fifty years old now. I am a 'true believer' in the principles on which the city was organized. :)

I managed to get one more block made - I finished it this afternoon. I joined the Stash Bee online this year ... and belong to Hive 4. This is the block for our March Queen:
Hiive 4 block
Sara, the Queen, asked for cheery colors in her off-center log cabin block ... I hope she likes these. They make _me_ feel cheerful. :) I still have not finished cleaning up my sewing area (think Stygian stables level of labor) so I hand pieced this block. That gave an extra soothing boost to the making. 

I was supposed to attend a workshop with Timna Tarr on Saturday. Sadly, when I woke up I had a blinding headache that did not respond to pain meds ... so I fell back into bed and missed the 'shop. Sigh. I did get to hear Timna's lecture/trunk show on Sunday afternoon at the Baltimore Modern quilt guild meeting. I do love her work! I only took a couple of photos:
Chicken how 2

Chicken how 2

One of the things Timna is known for is photo-realistic quilts; here are two pictures of a chicken themed quilt she made. I was fascinated by her methodology.

Endless chain
This is a block pattern commonly called Endless Chain. I've looked at it several times and thought of making it. Until I saw Timna's version, I had not realized that it is a hexagonal (rather than square) block. Now I want to make one ever more. :)


Have you heard of the 100 day project? I am seriously thinking of participating ... the only problem I'm having is deciding what project/craft/art to pursue! :) I am leaning toward Stitch Meditations ... but could do Daily Drawing ... or Color Studies ... or ... What a quandary. :)

:) Linda


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