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I just love the random and unforeseen connections that googling can produce. :) I decided to search for images that might illustrate my post title ... and came up with such things as Hooke's Law for oscillation in springs ... and the disruptions of spring training in sports ... and how to deal with market uncertainty when you are a supply-side producer (like a farmer) .. fascinating. :) Of course, I chose the illustration above because of the cute kitties. Grin!

As is usual for this part of eastern Maryland (the so-called Coastal or MidAtlantic region), the weather goes up and down daily. Breezy to outright windy, cool to warmer, overcast to sunny - nothing in nature is constant in this region until the time gets well into the middle of each season (and even then there is quite a bit of variation). Weather forecasters probably hate this part of the country. :)

We are well into early spring ... and the virus situation is putting a strange and uncertain cast to all our human activities. Most of the meetings I have planned to attend have been canceled. I am resisting complete isolation - does not do my extroverted nature any good to endure social isolation! :) Small get togethers with friends are still ok in my book. My husband is much more worried than me - as is usual for him. He is concerned about _me_ catching the virus, not himself.

I think we will start ordering our groceries delivered for a while - he is the major shopping person and I am worried more about his exposure - especially since he loves Big Box shopping places. :P

Yesterday, Friday, my friends Barbara, Patty and I got together at Barbara's house for Sewing Together. OH, first I should mention our lunch out. Barbara and I went to the Walrus Oyster and Ale House in Columbia Mall for lunch. Neither of us had ever been there before. The place was largely empty when we arrived (around 11:30). You can tell things are a bit spacey with the virus - it was easy to find parking near the restaurant (the lots at the Mall are usually over-filled) ... and there were only about four other tables of people when we were seated.

We both opted to try their lobster rolls (with gluten-free bun) and French fries. The roll was tasty, imho, but the fries were substandard. The price was silly ($27 for lunch!), especially given the currently low costs of lobster. I don't have to go there again. :) The atmosphere was nice and our waitress was sweet. Shrug.

Anyway, as has become our usual, Barbara and I were continuing to work on our Town&Country project .. and Patty was laying out blocks for a baby quilt. I managed to get two more blocks made and drew off the design for a third. Lots of fiddly little bits ... and they still need to be embroidered and machine sewn:

CornerI was tickled by my detour sign in this block - we found a print with all kinds of road signs on it (detour, construction, hard hat, etc) and this one was exactly the correct size. Serendipity!


StadiumThis building is meant to be a coliseum or stadium. That purple bit is a flag (flagpost to be added later:). I gave my city's structure a glass top.

Remember, these blocks are only 4" square when finished. I am having fun making them but I really need to expand my fabric collection for this - gotta dig through my larger stash and see what I can find. :) I am thinking to quilt this in pieces as I go along. I have one more square to make for the center medallion (the city at night). The next round gets more fun with lots of 'service' buildings and homes to make.

Last night I thought, as I was going to bed, that I could work on house decrapifying today. Today I'm lazy (as usual) so have not started on it, yet. Up and at it!

:) Linda

PS I forgot to mention my fun news for this week. I preordered a fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink's new collection, Homemade (I keep wanting to call it Handmade:). My fabric came on Thursday and I am ecstatic! Gotta think of something great to make with it.


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