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Beautiful Spring Day


Today was gloriously beautiful, weather wise. Excellent spring day! As has become usual, I slept until early afternoon (still not getting a handle on this sleep thing). I absolutely HAD to go outside because it was so pretty. Fortunately, we have a nice, sturdy, still-new deck that I could go out onto. :)

Years ago I bought a plain chaise lounge and small table so I could sit out on the deck - the kind that is covered in sturdy white plastic strapping, with a raise-up-and-down back. When they worked on the deck last fall, they moved my chair and table down onto the step near the back door and it has been sitting there ever since ... through rain and shine, with grass clippings flung onto it whenever the lawn was cut. 

I had my son drag it up onto the new deck and brought out a nice bucket of hot water, fortified with a generous dose of Murphy's Soap, and started cleaning it off (preparatory to sitting on it, I had hoped:). I struggled for an hour and only managed to clean off half of it before my stamina gave out and I had to surrender for the nonce. :)

My neighbor next-door-behind was mowing his grass (I LOVE the sound of lawnmowers, who knows why) and another neighbor across the grassway (beneath the high-tension power lines beside our neighborhood) was playing fetch with his two small (yappy) dogs. It was actually a great pleasure to be outside in the neighborhood today. :) Such simple pleasures ... and so precious.

I am still not sewing ... but I _am_ cleaning (slowly, very slowly, as my stamina allows) and getting closer every day. 

:) Linda


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