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Pieceful Day


The weather today was overcast and dull, drippy. The grass certainly likes the spring we are having - even if we mere mortals think it a bit drab. My son was telling me this morning after he came in from his walk that it just doesn't feel like spring to him, even if it will be May soon. :P

I spent my day peacefully - and piecefully. :) I have settled into a lethargic routine of gently reading emails and news in the morning followed by a leisurely lunch and sewing in the afternoon. Before I go off to sew I work the daily crossword from USA Today on my iphone ... and check in on Instagram for a few minutes (I get bored easily these days so I don't stay long if the images aren't interesting enough:).

Today I finished sewing the second butterfly in my wreath - Green:


Not nearly as showy as Black, but I'm happy with him. He does green fairly true, I think. Green is the center bottom block of the nine sections so I have enough to sew a column together tomorrow:


I am thinking to back-burner this project for a few days so I can take out the book blocks from my modern guild and start working on a design for the bingo quilt I promised to make. I had a great idea but I think it is too ambitious for this venue - and my local modern buddies agreed with me when I asked - so I am just going to make a nice quilt. :) I have gathered all the blocks but I haven't even counted them to see what I have to work with. Sigh. Time to get it done!

I am still working on my sewing room - now I have to start on clearing out the closet so I can store away the bits and bobs laying all over the house inside. Wish me luck!

The only other sewing I've done recently was to design and make two blocks for Faithful Circle Quilters - one of the members (Nancy Meyers) thought it might be good to have a way to use up the mask making scraps busy guild sewists have generated so I designed two 'commemorative' blocks:



I used the scraps from the masks I made for myself and my husband and son to make these blocks. The background prints I chose are to  express my philosophical support for science-based reasoning. :) Guild members are still voting on whether to use our blocks for a drawing as is usual or to use them for making a raffle quilt to raise funds for charity.

I did manage to make a nice dinner tonight - spaghetti and meatballs. Pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. :) One thing about the shutdown, we are cooking real meals here at home WAY more often than normal. I am even finding it a bit fun (and certainly more interesting than our usual fare).

:) Linda




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