Easter Weekend
How Many Weekends?



Today was sunny and warm-ish (60s). Nice spring day. :) When I went out today, among many other lovelies, I saw the first-to-me dogwoods in bloom. One pink one like above and a white one. So lovely!

Why did I go out? As I was reading my email this morning, I realized that the new issue of Simply Moderne magazine should be out. I ordered a copy from my local quilt shop, Springwater Designs, and decided that today was a good day to drive over and pick it up. :) The store is closed but she is doing 'curbside delivery' - color me a happy woman! New reading material.

As long as I was outside, I stopped at Giant (grocery store) to pick up a few items for cooking dinners. Hugh had intended to get them when he went out walking this morning but forgot. Sad when going to the grocery store is an Adventure, eh? :) I wore my new mask and it worked pretty well - except that my glasses kept fogging up. :P When I'm in the car by myself while driving, I can uncover my nose and that allows me to see correctly ... while in the store (and this with nose covered:), I put my glasses on my head and made do with short sight. Adapting to the times. :)

As usual, I enjoyed this issue of SM. I adore the cover quilt - I am always attracted to this kind of design and have seen many versions (and love them, every one:):


I have my green leaf quilt to finish ... but this one above has to go on my list somewhere. :)

I will share one other quilt in this issue that I liked enough to think about making (there were others ... but you should get your own copy to enjoy:):


I am always enticed by interwoven lattice patterns and the one above, being interwoven curves, rings even more bells for me. :) I think this would be a blast to make!

I spent a goodly number of hours Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday working in my to-be sewing room. Cleaning, sorting (trash, recycling, charity, keep), and moving stuff around. By the end of this afternoon, I was physically exhausted and aching but triumphant. Tomorrow my son and I plan to load a whole bunch of stuff into the car and haul it to the dump/recycling center. Then he will help me move my sewing machine into the new room and I can SEW. 

Well, probably I'll be so sore after all that hauling I won't be _able_ to sew until Saturday. Still, it's about time! :) 

I even got a bit crazy and ordered a new area rug for my space ... Can't get the carpet in there replaced right now with the virus going on ... so, until then, protect my feet from the nasty 'rotting chrysanthemum' shag carpet. :) Here's what I ordered (will be delivered on the 23rd):


I used to have some batik fabric with a similar pattern - loved this at first sight. :) The color scheme (if you could see my room right this instant, the _idea_ of a color scheme would make you laugh) I have in mind is turquoise/hot pink/gray. :) This isn't a very big rug (7'x9'?) and I will use it in the room after the carpet is gone, too.

So, today was reasonably positive. I am feeling somewhat happier under all my muscle aches. Tomorrow will be even better. 

:) Linda



You are most welcome. :)

I was surprised to find something so attractive in Walmart's inventory, truthfully. I looked there first mostly because I didn't want to spend much money at this point on my 'new' room.

:) Linda

El Kalilec Robinson

I thought I had replied last evening, but not seeing it here. I also like their blue color way! Yum. I also love the chair they have in the photo you posted. A little mid-century modern and a little contemporary.
Thanks for sharing the source. I will be poking around the colorways on this rug. I love the design.


HI, Ellen! :) I bought the rug from Walmart (believe it or not):

Comes in a wide variety of shapes and color combos.

:) Linda

El Kalilec Robinson

I just have to pipe up that I love your choice of area rug! Can you share where you found it? Maybe they have more in similar styles. :-)
Be Well, Ellen

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