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Today I did a little happy dance in my now-set-up sewing space - still crude but useable! :) My machine does not look like the one above (might be fun to color that one, eh?), it looks like this:


Mine (this one's from an online search) sits down in a table with it's sewing top flush ... I enjoy the extra space to work a lot. :)

In between sewing seams, I spent some time unloading random piles of fabric into the empty chest of drawers in the corner (temporary storage while I think about other methods) - my 'low volume' backgrounds and solid fabrics filled the top drawer. Three more drawers to go. And more trash to be hauled out so I can use the closet ... happy days ahead. LOL.

I _finally_ got started working on the pattern testing I promised to do for Julianna. Here is the first section out of nine with my 'neutral' butterfly:

Black butterfly testing

It's not perfect but any mismatched seams are my fault entirely. The pattern is flawlessly designed. :) I am eager to see this finished and quilted! Even so, I only had the sewjo for one section today - otherwise I did cleaning and sorting and hauling chores. :)

I think I will sew up the central section tomorrow - it makes up a large hibiscus-like flower around which the eight butterflies dance.

We had a surprise power outage yesterday evening - from about 8:10 p.m. until 8:45 pm. This is an extremely rare event here in Columbia - all our power lines are buried underground and so are not subject to the usual weather problems. BG&E must have created/caused the outage themselves because I texted in the outage notice about a minute after everything went dark and they already were onto it. Looking out our house windows, front and back, the outage only affected our street - the neighbors to the rear (on the next street) were all  lit up. Shrug.

:) Linda


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