Beautiful Spring Day
Easter Weekend

Times Keeps on Slippin'


I picked up this visual from a blog I was reading today (I neglected to note where I got it and does not find it). IF this is your image, please let me know so I can give you credit. :) 

I can't say that I have experienced any fear with this tedious world-wide time out ... probably naive of me. Shrug. I have been learning (although, as usual, there is some question as to how much of it will stick to me:) ... bits and pieces of history, new sewing ideas, etc. (more about that anon). As for having ambition - there doesn't seem to be any at all  in my makeup right now. :)

The weather has been alternately glorious and spring-y (50s to low 70s in temperature, sunny, breezy to outright windy) then gray and rainy. Typical spring here in MD. I still have not managed to get outside to wash off the second half of my chaise lounge - it rained and then today was so windy I feared sailing away (my lounge DID sail across the deck and have to be rescued:). Maybe later this weekend as it is supposed to be nice for a few days before rain sets back in for a while.

I am pattern testing a new (to be free) design by Julianna (first one shown with the butterfly ring). I spent two hours yesterday printing, cutting out and size checking all the pieces for her rather complicated 20" square foundation pieced block. I am eager to get to the choosing fabric and sewing stage - still have to finish tidying at least one corner of my sewing space. Fingers crossed I can finish that tomorrow.

I spent today on some housework (gathering trash for the weekly pickup tomorrow; cooking dinner; cleaning some in my room) ... and some reading ... and some educational video watching this evening. There is a fascinating (to me, anyway:) site on the BBC with short videos about a wide variety of topics. I watched things from mud-larking on the Thames to ancient boat burials in Sweden to Faraday's experiments with electricity and on ... fun!

Yesterday I came out to find this in my front yard:

Redleaf spring
Overnight the leaves on my red leaf Japanese maple burst out of bud and opened. The very gray skies and soft steady rain gave a nicely gentle background to those brilliant dark red leaves. Spring is without a doubt here at long last.

This is the end of the fourth week I have been in social seclusion/distancing. I think we - nearly everyone in the civilized world - will look back on this period in time as strange, even in years to come. At least we are all in it together (willye/nillye). :) I am completely losing my sense of days - I find that I have to look at my Apple watch or my iPhone to see what day of the week or calendar date it might be - the days are blurring one into another in my memory. :P

Here is another graphic I picked up somewhere yesterday or today that I really like:

We can do it

I am so grateful that there are busy do-ers who are making masks and other PPE supplies (think about all the specialized words we are learning through this!). So far I am not one of them, sadly. My son and I are the designated go-out-to-do-essential-things people for our household and neither of us have a mask, yet. We need to go get groceries tomorrow and I'm sure we'll be chided for the lack. Sigh.

:) Linda



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